Training Aids To Help You Feel Lag In A Golf Swing

Training Aids To Help You Feel Lag In A Golf Swing

Many students ask us about lag in the golf swing and for some suggestions for some suggestions for golf lag training aids. It seems to me that lag in the golf swing seems to be very mysterious and/or misunderstood by most amateurs. Here is what the big secret is about lag and some golf lag training aids to help you feel lag in your golf swing:
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Lag is created in the golf swing when the golf club is being pulled through the impact area as opposed to being pushed through impact. Without tension in your wrists, elbows and shoulders, the pulling action of the golf club will place your grip ahead of the club head through impact. If you use muscles in your hands and arms to push the golf club at the golf ball then the arc will bottom out earlier and in turn your club head will be coming up at the ball as opposed to trapping the golf ball into the ground and creating a divot.

So now that you have a better understanding about how to achieve lag in the golf swing, what are some golf lag training aids that can help you accomplish obtaining lag and using it to better your golf swing?

Golf Lag Training Aids - GolfGym Club 38
On of the most useful golf training aids to create lag is the GolfGym Club 38. The GolfGym Club 38 is a weighted golf club, also called a weighted practice club, the extra weight of the training aid will allow you to feel how the golf club should drop from the top of your golf swing as opposed to gripping the golf club and moving your shoulder towards the golf ball. This move is commonly known as coming over the top. Regardless, with this move you will not be able to create lag in your golf swing.

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Golf Lag Training Aids - Swing Mirror By Izzo Golf
The Golf Swing Mirror will allow you to improve your golf swing almost anywhere. With the size of the Swing Mirror you can take it with you wherever you go. You can use the swing mirror to check your address position as well as your impact position on the driving range, at home, in your office or when you travel.

Golf Lag Training Aids - Callaway Golf Impact Bag
The Callaway Golf impact bag helps you to create lag in the golf swing and trains you to have a flat left wrist and develops correct muscle memory as well as better precision, swing rhythm and endurance. Practicing your golf swing for fifteen minutes daily using the Impact Bag you will improve you impact position which will lead to better iron shots and longer drives.

In this article we have discussed what lag in the golf swing is and how it is created. Simply put the grip or handle of your golf club MUST be ahead of the golf ball at impact in order to hit a solid golf shot with an iron or your driver. We have also given you suggestions for golf lag training aids to help you improve your golf swing.