Top tips for answering investment banking interview questions

Top tips for answering investment banking interview questions

It is not hard to figure out why investment banking interview questions are great challenges for the candidate. The world of investment banking is rough hewn and cut throat, but there are loads of adventure and a great deal of fun and excitement at every step day in and day out. It is vibrant world out there in investment banking and you can expect any question under the sun to test your skill and pressure handling techniques.

Sales, research and corporate finance are the main areas that would have to be looked into for making the interview look like a ball game for you. They could ask you real time questions like why the Fed brought down the interest rates and if you think it would be enough to trigger movement in the market.

You have to answer why and also the reason if you think it doesnt. Be prepared to be fired at from all cylinders and from all angles in an investment banking interview.

Pre-judge and pre-think

Your best bet would be to pre-judge and pre-think all the possible investment banking interview questions beforehand like the performance of the stock market in a given period of time.

Any recent development and knowledge about them in detail could be great if you can satisfy the interviewer. You could be asked if you are exploring any other career opportunities and you need to be focused on the investment banking career.

Companies get annoyed when they come to know you are not focused on the job or are toying with other career opportunities. Investment banking interview questions can revolve around what you think about the strength and weaknesses of the firm and you have to justify your answers with proof and facts.

The best way to go about is to read up minutely all the pages of the website of the company you have applied to.

You could be in the thick of action soon after joining and the company could ask you how to tackle a given situation or how you plan to address a growth stock conference on the trends of the industry.

You need to outline and explain the preparatory moves you plan to take as it would be the best way to tackle investment banking interview questions.