Top Ten Benefits of Wonder Triphala

Top Ten Benefits of Wonder Triphala

Triphala is certainly the most celebrated herbal formulation in Ayurveda. This herbal formulation contains the following three ingredients in a powdered form, in the ratio 2:1:1.

Indian Gooseberry or amala or amalaki ( Emblica officinalis )

Beleric Myrobalan or behera or bibhitaki ( Terminalia belerica )

 Chebulic Myrobalan or harada or haritaki ( Terminalia chebula )

This mixture has a long list of uses. Here, we enumerate the top ten.

1. Constipation - The ingredients of triphala act as natural laxatives. A regular use of triphala will help in the digestion of the food, separating the wastes effectively, and then voiding them out from the bowels.

2. Colon cleansing - Sometimes, fecal matter accumulates in the large intestine (colon) due to improper functioning. This causes the fecal matter to get compacted and it obstructs the bowel movements. This may become an invitation to parasitic worms, which can cause several problems. Triphala helps to loosen out these compacted matters and eliminate them from the body. Colon cleansing therapists use triphala in a large way.

3. Weight loss - Triphala helps in weight loss indirectly as well as directly. Since it cleanses out the colon completely, it aids the body in metabolizing the foods that are introduced into it. Due to this, there is no accumulation of fats in the body, and this helps in keeping the body weight in check. Directly, amalaki can dissolve the accumulated fats within the body.

4. Flatulence - Flatulence is caused due to the accumulation of tox

ic gases in the stomach. Triphala acts in dissolving all these gases and hence it becomes an ideal cure for flatulence.

5. Nervous Disorders - Triphala is a nervine. It has properties for toning the nervous system. That is the reason it is prescribed as a medicine for people who are suffering from nervous ailments, including Alzheimers Disease.

6. Gout - Triphala is an anti-inflammatory agent. Gout is caused due to the inflammation of the joints and the bones. Triphala helps in removing these deposits, which are voided through urination.

7. Liver and Pancreatic Problems - Triphala is excellent in treating problems of the liver and the pancreas. Triphala provides support to liver metabolism and improves the functioning of the bile duct. In Ayurveda, triphala is a commonly prescribed medicine for the treatment of hepatitis.

8. Urinary Stones - Triphala corrects the excretory system. It helps in dissolving all kinds of residues in the urine that do not come out in the normal way, and coagulate in the form of stones. When these are dissolved, they are normally expelled out of the body.

9. Eye Problems - Due to its cooling and astringent properties, triphala is commonly prescribed for treating eye problems such as conjunctivitis. It can also help to correct visual maladies, including cataract and glaucoma. Using triphala as eyewash in suspension with water keeps the eyes healthy and moist.

10. Stress - Vitamin C is known for releasing hormones that can help the body combat stress. The amalaki is one of the richest sources in the world of vitamin C. That is the reason people are prescribed triphala powder to keep away from stress. This also helps people to come out of depression and remain in a healthy state of mind.

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