Top Five Best Selling Cars in the Country

Top Five Best Selling Cars in the Country

There are so many car models in the Indian car market and from different segments. The Indian car industry has come a long way and so may foreign car manufacturers entering the Indian car market clearly reveal the potential for their products. The yesteryears kings who ruled the Indian car market for some time were Premier Padmini, Ambassador or Contessa that were ruling Indian roads. Today we have the most sensational car that is appraised worldwide and that is Nano. Today we can find cars from the cheapest car Nano-yet to launch to Mercedes Maybach. The aggressive competition offered way to pioneered marketing tactics and new tactics, assisting the consumers in a big way.


One of the best selling car Alto from the small car segment was launched in 2004. It is the perfect car for a family of four also with performance and the affordability. There was good and cheap finance that increased the sale of the Alto.
Alto comes a 796cc engine delivering 46 bhp and a 5-speed manual transmission comes as standard. In India it comes with three variants: Maruti Suzuki Alto Standard, Maruti Suzuki Alto LX and Maruti Suzuki Alto LXi.

Tata Indica

Tata Indica which is more popular in the cab segment was launched in 2000. In 2001, it received a new version called Indica V-2 (Version 2) was launched in 2001, which was then followed by Vista. The good-looking hatchback made a remarkable place in the Indian car market. The Vista offers a choice of three engines in seven variants- Terra Safire, Terra TDI, Aqua Safire, Aqua TDI, Aqua Quadrajet, Aura Safire, and Aura Quadrajet. Out of this Safire sports a 1.2-litre petrol engine; and Quadrajet gets a 1.3-litre Quadrajet diesel engine and there is also 1.4-litre turbocharged intercooled TDi engine.

Honda City

Honda City entered the Indian car market in 1997 winning many hearts. It proved its success in a very short period. The City has impressed the Indians with its performance, style and luxury features. With the success growing the car manufacturer brought in new generation and as expected they too rocked the Indian roads. The new car sports a 1.5L, 4 cylinder new generation i-VTEC engine that delivers 116bhp of power. It offers two variants 1.5E (MT) and 1.5S (MT and AT). In the year 2009, New Honda City was also awarded with a prestigious Indian Car of the Year 2009 (ICOTY) award by Auto top automobile journalists in India.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Swift is one of the sportiest and coolest looking car from Maruti Suzukis stable. Launched in 2005, the car is very popular especially among the younger crowd. Powering the Swift is the 1.3L engine that generates 87 bhp. It also offers new diesel comes with the latest CRDi fuel injection system with an output of 75 bhp. Swift is available in five versions: LXi, VXi, ZXi (petrol), and LDi and VDi (diesel)

With so many new launches the Swift plays an important role in the market and proves to be the best selling car in the country.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 from the house of Korean car manufacturer created a niche in the Indian car market with its lively performance, inspiring style and rich features. Launched in October 2007, it has crossed a mark of 3 million customers. The hatchback has made an outstanding success in a very short time. In 2008 the car was promoted with the new generation engine call Kappa. The car presents a trendy look and also provides good mileage in city roads as well as highways. The demand for it is not only in domestic market, but also in the overseas market. i10 offers two choice of engine. One with a 1.1-litre Inline-four Intelligent Responsive Drive Engine (iRDE) that delivers 66 bhp and the Kappa engine which is powered by a 1.2L 16V DOHC with an output of 79 bhp. It is available in 4 variants: D-lite, Era, Magna, and Magna O. The gearbox offers two transmissions -a 5 speed manual transmission and a 4-speed automatic transmission.