Tibia Player Guide - death
Tibia Player Guide - death

Tibia Player Guide - death

Characters that die lose a certain amount of their experience points. Characters up to level 23 lose 10% of

Finally, characters that die have a chance of dropping items. This chance is 10% per equipped item, however,

immortal. However, this does not mean that dying does not matter at all in the game, nor is death desirable.

their total experience points. Starting at level 24, the total percentage that is lost tibia platinum is declining and is

5 blessings = 100%

lose all equipment whenever they die.

Skill Loss

2 blessings = 55%

skill again.

A character that dies will suffer the following penalties:

more, starting with losing 1 level for a character at level 50. A character at level 100 will lose 1,5 level

level advancements are calculated. If your character was close to an advancement in a given skill when he

If a character is promoted, the total amount of lost experience points is lowered by 30%. Moreover, your

of their home city safe and sound, so even though it is tibia goldpossible for characters to die they are in fact

Similar to experience loss, skill loss will be reduced if a character is promoted or if he has received one

poison or other harmful effects they lose hit points. Characters whose hit points drop to zero die.

In addition to the loss of experience points, a characters skills will also be reduced on dying. However,

upon death, at level 150 2 levels, at level 180 character 2,3 levels, at level 200 2,5 levels etc.

containers such as bags or backpacks will always be dropped along with their contents. By buying blessings,

Experience Loss

this does not necessarily mean that your character will lose levels in every skill because of the way skill

or moretibia gold blessings.

A character with all 5 blessings will neither lose tibia goldits backpack nor any other equipment it is wearing.

However, in Tibia, death is not the end. Characters that have died will always be returned to the temple

player who happens to find it. In case a character has lost its bag or backpack after death, it will

Each blessing will reduce the loss by 8%, so promoted characters that have buy tibia platinum received all 5 blessings will

receive an empty bag in the container slot.

Characters that do not have all blessings, can also protect all items in their character slots by an item

easier explained by the number of levels that are lost. Every 50 levels, a character loses half a level

character can also collect blessings in the game which will further reduce the loss of experience points.

characters reduce their chance to lose equipment by the cheap tibia gold following percentages:

unless your character is marked with a red skull. Characters that are marked with a red skull will always

Item Loss

called the "Amulet of Loss" which will effectively prevent your character from dropping any item upon death

died, he may actually not lose a skill level at all, although he will take much longer to buy tibia gold advance in that

4 blessings = 90%

3 blessings = 75%

lower their total experience point loss by 70%.

Each character has a limited amount of hit points. Whenever characters take damage through weapon attacks,

1 blessing = 30%

Any items lost upon death will remain with the body of the deceased character and can be looted by any