The Truth About Clogged Hair Follicles - Find Out The Best Natural Treatment
The Truth About Clogged Hair Follicles - Find Out The Best Natural Treatment

The Truth About Clogged Hair Follicles - Find Out The Best Natural Treatment

The problem of having clogged hair follicles is that it can lead to the death of your hair roots. And if this happens, you will soon find baldness slowly start to set in.

Therefore, it is important to know what causes the death of your hair roots. And, what the best treatment for hair loss is.

The problem with dealing with follicle damage is that repair or treatment is very difficult. What is even more disturbing is that very little known information is available on the problem of clogged hair follicles.

You hear a lot of news and data on hairloss due to heredity, genes, hormonal problems and even chemical exposure, such as chemotherapy. But none so much about clogged hair follicles and unknown problems, which most of the time are harder to solve.

The fact is, having clogged hair follicles is a major problem. And if youre in this situation, you should consider dealing with it in order to prevent thinning from getting worse

Damaged follicles will not allow you to grow healthy strands -- the main reason for this is due the hormone called DHT. This by-product of testosterone attaches to the follicles and slowly chokes them until they become so thin and weak that eventually, your hair strands stop growing and fall out.

However, there is good news regarding the problem of clogged hair follicles youll want to know. Your blocked follicles dont have to be a setback if you use the right proven substances that nourish them and start to regrow healthy hair.

Substances such as the FDA approved Minoxidil that will block the DHT hormone, increase circulation to your scalp, and deliver essential nutrients which feed and invigorate the follicles.

And other ingredients which have been successfully used for centuries to fight hairloss and better your overall health work with Minoxidil. For instance, natural herbal extracts such as Horsetail, Nettle Root and Saw Palmetto. And, important nutrients to help build healthy hair include biotin, zinc and magnesium.

Because of the hair growth cycles, any natural treatment for hair loss takes a bit of time. Just remember, it isnt an over night cure so hang in there for a few months so you start seeing the visible results.

Now you know about effective and natural treatments for clogged hair follicles that help your new healthy hair growth and overall health too.

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