The Top Four Reasons Why Most Marriages Fail
The Top Four Reasons Why Most Marriages Fail

The Top Four Reasons Why Most Marriages Fail

The percentages of failed marriages in the United States is staggering. Chances are you know someone that is separated or divorced. If you dont know someone personally you probably know someone that knows someone that is divorced. Why is this so? There are several reasons as to why most marriages fail. This article discusses the top four reasons why most marriages fail.

1. Communication - proper communication is the crux of any good relationship. Only through good communication can we know how and what our partner is feeling. Without open communication between two people we cant possibly know what and to what extent something may be bothering someone. If we cant adequately communicate then the smallest of issues can develop into major events in a relationship leading us down a troubled path. Proper communication is the start of resolving our problems.

2. Financial concerns and difficulties - most couples will experience some degree of financial difficulties. This could range from frivolous spending, accruing debt to not saving any money. Unless you are wealthy expect that you will have financial difficulties at some point in your marriage. Its when these finanical burdens begin to overtake part of the relationship that the real trouble begins. If a couple cannot come to an agreement as to how to handle their finances then tension is likely to develop. The problems worsen as one tries to solve the crisis while the other only contributes to it. This places a great deal of strain on the marriage.

3. Marriage not based on love - many couples today get married for reasons other than love. Some get married because they feel they have to due to pressure from family or friends. Or they see all of there friends getting married so they feel they should too. So they rush into a marriage prematurely. Others get married because of premarital pregnancy. Couples that are too young and inexperienced who think they are in love will often get married. They may soon realize that they dont truly love this person or they are not mature enough to handle the more difficult relationship problems that may arise in a marriage.

4. Society - The value that society places on marriage is fading. You can rush off to Las Vegas and get married on the spot regardless of your background. You can live with someone and have children without ever getting married. These options really devalue marriage.

There are many reasons why most marriages fail. Societies values dont place as much emphasis on marriage so couples may no longer consider it a viable option. If they do get married and troubles arise they are quicker to disregard the marriage without trying to make it work. In this respect many marriages are doomed before they start.

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Peter Harris is a health care professional and author and writes frequently about relationships.