The Sony Bravia KDL40W5500 - A First Look

The Sony Bravia KDL40W5500 - A First Look

The latest offering from Sony electronics is the Sony Bravia KDL40W5500. Sony is a super large name in the consumer electronics market especially when it comes to innovation. The Sony KDL40W5500 follows in Sonys tradition by being innovative and fresh. This is why Sony has such a large following of people. People simply love the way Sony comes up with the latest technology and features that keeps people hooked.

The biggest difference in picture quality when you compare the latest Sony KDL40W5500 offering to other brands or previous Sony models can only be noticed when you compare them side by side. A side by side comparison is the only and probably the best way for you know that the TV set you are purchasing really has the best picture quality. When comparing the Sony KDL40W5500 you will notice that the picture is far sharper then previous models and other televisions in the market. Sony has also included excellent up scaling capabilities.

The Sony KDL40W5500 works great with 3:2 and 2:2 de interlacing of SD films and pull down. All of this purely adds up to a set watching experience like none other. With other TV sets you struggle to get the best picture quality when playing videos from other formats but with the Sony KDL40W5500 it automatically adapts which makes life much easier.

If you ever thought that getting into the advanced functions of a Sony television was easy then think again because with the Sony KDL40W5500 they have made it much easier than it was. You no longer have to deal with edge enhancement and other things which are applied to the 1080 source.

The connectors are conveniently located in the Sony KDL40W5500, it also has an extra HDMI port which is really useful. The good news is that there is also the Applicast capability built into this as well. With the USB plug and play option you can plug in your USB and play movies and other audio directly on your TV set. Media streaming is also good with Sony TVs.

Sony seems to have done a great job of designing the KDL40W5500 for mainly two reasons. The first being that this TV set has ports in all the easily accessible areas. You dont have to grope behind your set to find a port or connector to hook up whatever you want. This is especially good for those people who regularly hook things such as a gaming console, or DVD and blue ray players to their television sets.

With its really sleek and ergonomic design you will get a sense that the KDL40W5500 design is more futuristic than anything else. There are so many features built into this television set that it takes some getting used to. It a really innovative step for Sony to feature a USB port that allows the TV set to play video directly from the USB. This eliminates the need for you to connect a DVD or blue ray player to set. You might probably be thinking just how you lived without these functions before.

For people looking for a combination of excellent style and a great set of features the Sony Bravia KDL40W5500 is a great choice.