The Meaning Of Hunger Therapy
The Meaning Of Hunger Therapy

The Meaning Of Hunger Therapy

The hunger treatment is one of the self healing techniques of an organism. With any other technique you are meant to influence the body from outside ( it can be medical, physical care or other influence ). At the nestiatria ( or hunger care ) you simply let an organism to cure itself.

most of external factors, which surround us, sadly, set off a considerable harm to an organism. Inactive strategy for living, tasteless eating habits, bad ecology and permanent stresses - here are the enemies of our health. Those treatment methods which are offered by the official medicine dont answer the difficulty. And frequently the used medications only complicate a situation.

definitely, it is far easier to go to a doctor and dont think about anything anymore. But it is quite not so. The natural mechanisms of self-healing of an organism get out of order because of the permanent use of medications. Just as broken bones can knit themselves, any illness can pass without outer interference. Our organism has a great number of probabilities to help itself, just do not impede. But you can say that you actually do not stop an organism from healing itself independently. Though it is in reality not right. These precious forces spent for digestion of meal an organism can use for self-healing.

With aid from the hunger therapy you can treat a great number of illnesses, but the most wide-ranging problems are : obesity and all its results ( hypertension, heart sicknesses, and Problems with joints ), slags and all its implications ( allergy, vessels Problems, colds etc ), nervous overstrains and depression.
The hunger care is prohibited without a supervision at pancreatic diabetes, heavy heart and liver diseases, and also at tuberculosis. If you are an especially brave person and still wish to take chance in spite of the above-stated illnesses, let your experiment last no longer than two days. Further hunger therapy can be conducted only under a supervision of consultants. A relatively healthy man with an experience of the nestiatria can control the state himself. But initially stages the longest term of a starvation diet is only five days.
If you made a decision to try the nestiatria for the 1st time, before all you should learn the probable implications. Such symptom occurs in case youve got an insufficient supply of liquid in the hungry therapy, and also if you ignore cleansing procedures ( enemas ) which are desirable to be done every day. Sometimes a nausea and even a vertigo can bother you. Probably youll be a bit languid. You can reduce this symptom by drinking a bit warmed-up water. The basic rule of hunger treatment is to avoid taking pills. Otherwise there is not any sense in the process.

try and make the first a couple of days of the nestiatria in a weekend. Dont overstrain yourself with domestic chores.