The Many Different Styles That Are Possible With Your Paper Hats

The Many Different Styles That Are Possible With Your Paper Hats

You will find there are various types of hats that people like to wear. While most of these hats designed they are meant for occasions where you will need to brave the elements. One type of hat that you can wear for fun is that of paper hats. At this point you are probably saying that only kids like wearing clothes and accessories that make them look silly.

To make your paper hats requires nothing more than having a number of different sized papers at hand. These can be of a multihued paper, newspaper, colored wrapping paper and even lightweight poster board. The other items that you will require is that of succors and your imagination.

This is the best thing that you will find with these paper hats. As you have no need to buy any of these items the cost of making and wearing these hats is negligible. To help you make your paper hats you can ask your kids to help out - for spending some time together - the internet and also from activity books.

In each of these sources you will be shown the basic steps that are required to make a paper hat. The main thing that you need to remember is that the thickness of the hat will mean the difference between the hats lasting for some time.

When you are making your paper hats you should see about following some instructions if you have forgotten the process of making these hats. At any rate once you have gone a few steps into the process of making these paper hats you should have no problems with making them.

In order to get the basic shape of the paper hat you will first need to fold the paper into half so that it resembles a rectangle. Next fold the two top - the place where you folded the paper - sections down. You should at this point have a triangle in your hands. To secure the triangle take one part of the paper and fold over the two folded over sections.

Repeat this step on the other side. To make sure that these folds stay in place you can tuck the corner edges inwards. To help keep these folds in place you can place some gum or sticky tape over the edges.

Once you have this basic step down for your paper hats, you can then decide on the thickness that you want for the hat. The styling of the hat can be that of a pirates hat, a Napoleon hat, a bishops hat, a corporals or military hat, a pillbox or even a painters hat. All of these styles are possible with your paper hats.

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