The Law of Resonance

The Law of Resonance

I heard an interesting story about the law of resonance that I want to share with you. The Law of Resonance is a very similar concept to the law of attraction, but has some distinct differences. The Law of Attraction, as is widely known, is the universal law that determines what you attract into your life based on what youre putting out there.

The Law of Resonance is more relational in character. It expresses the way in which two or more different things are linked. As an example, my transcriptionist was telling me a story about the law firm where she used to work.

She told me, "I sat next to a woman who had been working at the firm for more than ten years, working for the same attorney who treated her horribly. She was so beaten down and negative and everything out of her mouth was either a lie or something really depressing. And the worst part was she never stopped talking, even if there was no one listening.

"At first I tried to sympathize and support her, but as the weeks went on, and then the months, and eventually years, of course, my sympathy and support started to wane as she ignored any advice that could make her life better or suggestions which would help to move her out of this mindset."

So think about this. . . you sit next to someone eight or nine hours a day (or live with someone or have some other constant, close relationship with someone) whose energy is dark and pessimistic. Now say youre a relatively happy person and you express yourself positively and, if and when theres a problem, you find a way to constructively deal with it. This really puts you in a tight spot. You cant kick out your mother-in-law, and if you really like your job, but have issues with just one person you work with and are not in charge of hiring and firing, then how can we protect ourselves and our energy from being sapped by a vortex of negativity?

The Law of Resonance says that the relationship between the two individuals, especially over an extended period of time, will either raise up the energy of the negative one, lower the energy of the positive one, or result in a combination of both where theyll meet somewhere in the middle.

Well. . . there are things you can do to protect yourself, certainly.

Of course, do what you can to mix more with positively minded people. But when you cant choose who youre with, realize that a negative resonance can actually sap the power of a positive resonance if you are inattentive and if the negative magnetism is stronger. If your positivity is stronger it wont be deeply affected.

So what happened between my transcriptionist and the secretary she sat next to? Well, eventually my transcriptionist, manifested herself a new desk on the other side of the office. She went to her office manager and explained the drain and was rewarded with a quiet desk alone near the library and felt a huge weight was removed from her workload.

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