The Law Of Attraction Works Both Ways!

The Law Of Attraction Works Both Ways!

I received the following comment from someone the other day that I simply had to share with all of you as it illustrates something I teach perfectly. Lets read what he wrote first, then Ill explain further.

"David, I dont know what planet youre from, but its not Earth. I think that perhaps you need to get out in the world and see for yourself. The problems in the dating world are never due to the man being needy or not being confident in himself. The problems lie with the way women have been brought up by their parents.
Women view the world as though everything and everyone is at their beckoned call and disposal. Especially mens bank accounts. Women have NO morals in todays society. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want. THAT is what is most important to them.
Too many times have I been out, alone, enjoying a drink when a girl will ask me to buy her a drink and when I do, its like she didnt even know I was in the room afterwards.
Women have been brought up being called "Princess" like they are something special and this give them a false impression of how the world views them. "Princess" is a word that should be banished by the english speaking world.
Every relationship I have had always ended the same way. She had all my money and personal items and I was left out in the cold and broke. They would cheat on me even though I was the best role model for men there is.
Men are blinded by pussy. They think the only way they are going to get some is if they do each and every thing a woman wants. WRONG!
We should go back to the time when women were seen and not heard, and 99% of those shouldnt let their big ass be seen.


There are endless things I could say about this guys unbelievably poor mindset and attitude, but I posted his comment in this blog because it is the perfect example of one of the most important concepts I teach people I coach: what you believe (positive OR negative) you WILL manifest in your life.

Many of you have probably heard of "the law of attraction" which basically is this very concept . . . except people often believe that this "law" works only in terms of what you can POSITIVELY attract into your life. You may have seen articles dealing with "the law of attraction which discuss how you can use it to bring wealth, love, fame or success into your life.

"Attraction" is such a positive word . . . but what many people dont realize is that you can (and will) attract BOTH the good and the bad things into your that your attitude and belief system attracts to it. Here is where our friend Daves comment is so perfectly illustrative. He is the textbook example of someone whose poor mindset and beliefs manifest all of those poor things into his life.

Daves comments make very clear that he believes himself to be a perpetual victim: he complains at length about how every woman takes advantage of him, his affections, his generosity, his money and his supreme fidelity - despite the fact that he is (and I quote) "the best role model for men there is." According to him, EVERY woman leaves him broke, cheats on him, believes she should be treated like a princess, ignores him after she gets what she wants and just plain has no morals!

Wow, what are the odds that EVERY woman this guy meets has all of these awful characteristics? Or are ALL women simply like this? Think about how ridiculous this is for a minute.

Another thing that stuck out when reading Daves comments was that he takes NO responsibility for any of the romantic failures hes experienced. He puts 100% of the blame for the fact that every relationship hes had always ends the same way on the fact that ALL women by their nature are people with the laundry list of horrible characteristics he describes.

Is he kidding? In all of these failed relationships there wasnt one percent of blame that was attributable to him? Again, this is absurd.

Dave seems to find the same kind of woman (and the same kind of relationship) over and over again. Why? Well, looking at what all his relationships have in common, the one thing that is constant is HIM. In life, when we evaluate things in our life we need to remember to always look in the mirror.

Dave has cultivated such negative beliefs about relationships, about the nature of women, about his expectations for a relationship and about his identity as a consummate victim, that he will continue to attract this same kind of woman (and relationship) over and over again. He is manifesting all of these bad beliefs and attitudes into his life every day!

"The law of attraction" works to bring both the good and the bad things you believe into your life. So take some time to think about what you believe and what your mindset is all about.

If you look at your relationship patterns and feel like you keep meeting "bad people" or the wrong people, then you need to really re-evaluate what kind of energy youre putting out to the world and what kind of beliefs are underlying your relationship choices. Chances are that while hopefully not as negative as our friend Daves are, you may be out there meeting and dating people with a few of these bad beliefs and mindsets of your own.

Think of the upside to all this also. By identifying any negative beliefs that may be manifesting negative things in your life, you can cultivate new and positive beliefs in their place which will begin to attract and manifest positive and amazing things into your life. Maybe this blog will inspire our friend Dave to do the same!