The Inventor OF Wheeled Luggage

The Inventor OF Wheeled Luggage

Leave it to a pilot to come up with this idea! After years of dragging, carrying, and lugging bags all over the place Bob Plath. In 1989 Bob Plath said that wheels on the luggage would eliminate the need to lug all those bags and ease the strain on the back. An added advantage to luggage with wheels is that it allowed the user to move through travel terminals with more ease and in less time.

After the first wheeled luggage was created Bob Plath began the company Travelpro. From this time on, the quality of travel was changed. Eventually all luggage companies incorporated wheels on their luggage.

Travelers rarely will find luggage now without wheels. They were created in an effort to make travel easier. Now even backpacks and tote bags have wheels. Wheels are also found on kids luggage. Computer bags and duffel bags as well as garment bags also have wheels.

Ease of moving through terminals was facilitated by the creativity of Bob Plath. Initially, it was a matter of self comfort and convenience but has become a boon to travelers world wide. Some companies make wheels for kids luggage based on gender. Wheels can be plastic, wheels on casters like those on beds, and skate wheels found on roller skates and skateboards.

Thanks to Mr. Plath for the wheels, for the saved time and the comfort his invention has brought travelers. Wheeled luggage is here to stay and for that we should all be grateful.

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