The importance of English language today, advices and predisposition to foreign languages.

The importance of English language today, advices and predisposition to foreign languages.

Today learning English language is very important, not to say really essential. Once children started learning English just since the junior high, today everything is different.

English language teaching classes start from day nursery, where children attending the "courses", beyond coming all from different countries, can learn English by playing. Through the use of very easy songs, they will mainly learn colors and animals. The precocious teaching of English language pursuits the final goal to make children grow up and get a multicultural education. As we were saying and as everybody can notice, today our country is made up of different cultures, there are a lot of children coming from different countries attending the English primary school, many different cultures, many languages, many customs and traditions. The learning of a foreign language, especially English, through a deep relationship between language and culture, contribute to enrich childrens cognitive background, making them expand their mental and cultural horizons. But in Italy a lot of people still cant speak English. Our country always ranks in the last places among other European countries regarding citizens foreign languages knowledge. But being able to speak correctly two foreign languages is certainly very useful. First of all English, that since many years has been considered the most important language at international level. Now it should be spoken as well as Italian language.

To do so, it is very useful that children learn a foreign language since nursery school, when their mind is still free from a lot of notions and ready to store up new information. Since the age of two and half years, (but some researchers say also before this age), a child is able to learn very well even more than one foreign language and as adult he will speak all of them in the same way, as they all were their mother tongue. This is the main advantage to make learn a foreign language (and we are talking especially about English) since child. It is certain that children will surely make less effort than an adult to learn English language (or another foreign language, maybe even more than one). An useful advice is to speak English also at home and Italian outside home. This way a child can learn both languages at the same level. Since today it seems that bilingualism also has a positive effect on our brain, as this Padova International School can tell. A research from the York University of Toronto in Canada, has even shown that people, who daily speak fluently two foreign languages, have a strong chance to delay of several years the arise of some kind of dementia such as the Alzheimers disease. But also if you are not bilingual yet, you can start now. You can sign up for a specific English course and attend weekly classes in the evening.

These all are courses with fee that also issue a certificate of attendance. At the end of the course, you will have to take an exam both oral and written hold by the Padova English school to get this certificate. But if you want to self taught, you can buy booklet periodically sold at the newsstand, regarding the foreign language with included an inset and a CD ROM. This is a new and valid way, not to underestimate, and if taken seriously, will surely give the expected results in a little time. After a bit of practice you will be the master of bilingualism!

By Michele De Capitani with support from scuola inglese bambini for any information, please visit scuole materne inglese or for more info visit scuola inglese british .