The Ideal Way Of Getting An Ex Back Push Or Pull?

The Ideal Way Of Getting An Ex Back Push Or Pull?

Perhaps, one of the most common questions people have after a break up is this, "Is getting an ex back really possible after a break up, regardless of the situation?"

Well, you may find it hard to believe. Getting back together after a break up is possible regardless of the situation. People get back from various situation including affairs, long term separation etc.

Of course, no one can claim that you can definitely get your ex back because of different reasons. And sometimes, getting back together may not be the best decision for you. But there are definitely things you can do so as to increase the probability of you to get an ex back.

Generally, there are two ways you can use to get an ex back. We shall call the push or pull method.

Lets look at the push method here. What does pushing means?

(Note: The information below applies to both men and women. I may use "he" or "she interchangeably.)

Consider this scenario. Janes boyfriend, Tom, just break up with her. Obviously, Jane was feeling quite devastated and really wants to get Tom back. She tried calling Tom but Tom seems to be avoiding her and not picking up the phone.

So Jane keeps on calling and calling, hoping Tom will pick up the phone but that didnt happen.

The scenario described above is quite a common mistake that man men and women made. This is considered a mistake because by calling your ex over and over again, you will only show your ex that you re desperate and desperation is only going to push your ex further away.

Generally, the push methods refer to common mistakes that will tend to push your ex away from you. Other common mistakes include arguing over the break up, stalking your ex etc.

Instead of pushing your ex away, it is definitely more effective for you to try to pull him/her back. For example, it is normal to feel depressed after a break up. And because of your depressed state, you are more prone to desperation.

What you should do is to get yourself out of your depressed state. You need to work on yourself. You need to feel good about yourself. You need to feel that it is okay to live without your ex. When your ex sees that you are a different person, you will be in a much better position to pull him/her back.

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