The Golden Quadrilateral Expressway Project

The Golden Quadrilateral Expressway Project

Lets talk about the new India about roads.

If you are not one of the residents of or recent visitors to National Capital Region (NCR) of India then probably you have missed it. The opulent, the grandiose and the magnificent Golden Quadrilateral Project is a never-before ambitious road project in the history of Indian roads in particular and a mega infrastructure projects in general.

Its about 5700 km of an expressway which will make four arms of the national surface transport covering all the regions. Its a high-speed corridor of the first kind probably in the south-East Asia Capital intensive, with huge sums of money involved it is being developed on build-operate-transfer basis. That means the users have to pay a cost against its usage. Hence every time you use the future expressway you have to shell out a tidy sum. If you have not seen it coming up, the construction that is on, you should drive down the national highway number eight originating from the capital and cutting across the states of Haryana, Rajasthan and beyond. The machines, men, planning that have gone into it is a spectacle of sorts.

I have not seen such road laying technology which is on discrete display on this stretch which will match the best expressways in the world, hopefully. Discrete because you will not experience the pains of a road construction you must be used to anywhere else in the country.

Once operational the Indian road traffic will go for a major turnaround. And so will the Mumbai traffic, the Bangalore traffic, and the Chennai traffic too. The road safety is expected to be in place atleast for the high-speed traffic. If you look at this project you will feel driving conditions in India are in for a major change.

But with such wide and super speed roads snaking across the geography of the country road rage could emerge as new road menace. Administrators have to watch out on this.

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