The Fit of your Bifocal Glasses is Important

The Fit of your Bifocal Glasses is Important

One of the most popular prescription glasses are the Bifocal Glasses which offer a very convenient solution to the users. The lenses are divided into two halves with the upper half used for distance vision and the lower half for near vision. A proper fit of the bifocal glasses is necessary for a smooth and satisfying eyewear experience.

As the fitting of most frames is done at the time of delivery, they dont change for years. From the very beginning one must check whether the spectacles are comfortable to wear. One must make sure of the fact that the arm tips do not put pressure on the skin behind your ears. A continuous pressure over time can lead to much discomfort or even deep physical grooves. Even the fitting of the adjustable nose pads should be checked at the time of delivery. Nose pads which are too tight may offer a firmer grip but not without discomfort.

It is interesting to note that bifocal glasses are designed in such a way that when you swung your eyes down by 15 degrees while keeping your head in an erect position, you will be able to see clearly. If the bifocals are too high, then you will be forced to tilt your head to experience good distance vision. And again, if the bifocals are too low, you might even have to hold your books as close as your chest to read them. One of the most common problems regarding bifocals is asymmetrical height segments. One must always check whether the bifocal segments are of the same height, or they will certainly result in sight problems.

Generally, opticians thoroughly check the patients glasses before dispensing them. But ultimately, it is the wearers responsibility to check whether the pair of glasses suit them and provide a comfortable grip or not. In any case, you feel doubt or have second thoughts, it is always better to get your glasses re-examined by your doctor.

As the bifocals are easy to handle, they are growing in popularity. But one must always check with an optician and get a proper prescription before investing in one. Though the demand for bifocals has grown over the years, most retailers dont have an exhaustive collection of designs and options. One of the easiest ways to get your hands on a bifocal is to browse through the collection at online stores. Not only do these stores offer a comprehensive collection but you will also get them at really discounted prices.