The Downside Risk of Dangers Of Parabens That No One is Talking About
The Downside Risk of Dangers Of Parabens That No One is Talking About

The Downside Risk of Dangers Of Parabens That No One is Talking About

Are Parabens Bad? If this query haunts you day and night as it does to millions of other skin care product users, then this article would be the definitive escort for you on the hidden dangers of parabens and how to avoid these dangers which the are the closely guarded secrets of the skin care product manufacturers.

Behind the slick images in magazines and on TV there lies a dangerous secret. Most skincare products .... even the "organic" ones ....contain many of the same harsh chemical substances used in industrial processes. These chemicals are well-known to cause a extensive range of harmful health effects, ranging from skin irritation to cancer. But the skincare companies dont want you to know this.

When you buy your most dependable brand of skincare product, life threatening chemicals are the last thing you expect out of them! You buy skincare products to look charming and young, not to hurt your skin health.

Are parabens bad for skin health and vitality? Many consumers of skin care products are not even mindful of this question. But those who acknowledge the proper question to inquire shall come to know the hidden dangers of parabens.

Scientific reports have demonstrated that Parabens are a greatest cause of cancer. They have been classified as a notable "Carcinogen". It means that they have a proven role in creating and causing cancer. Parabens also affect the estrogen levels in women and are known to cause breast cancer.

You should be conscious of the dangers of parabens used in different kinds and names. Some of the names you can find in your cherished skin care products are "methyl", "propyl", "butyl" and "ethyl" parabens.

After being aware of the dangers of parabens, you might wonder, if they are so bad and harmful after all, then why are they being used in skin care products? The answer is that they are working preservatives. Their only usefulness in the skin care product is to enhance and extend their shelf life. If you knew the trueness, youd have second thoughts about buying many of the most favorite skin care products on the market ... even the pricey brands.

Now, a more extended shelf life and a longer expiry period might mean weightier gains for the producers, but it is all at the expense of the consumers wellness. The wellness of the end users is kept at stake to improve their profit.

No consumer would mind to pay a more or less higher cost for a skincare product that if clear of parabens and does sizeable skin benefits. But the manufacturers do not make the consumers aware of the dangers of parabens that they are utilizing in the skin care products.

Are parabens bad? Here are some of the dangers of parabens that are proven scientifically but which have been covered by the manufacturers -

1) They are known to cause skin rashes, aggravations and many types of allergic reactions.
2) They can cause substantial impairment to the endocrine system. This way it ruins primary body functions like metabolism, health of tissues and mood and behavioral functions.

You can find out intelligibly that many trusted parafen based skin care products are tainted with the invisible dangers of parabens. They should be kept off at all costs. "Prevention is better than Cure" - This decidedly applies to Paraben based skin care products.

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