The Bible Tabs

The Bible Tabs

This is the story of the most beautiful Bible index tabs on earth! It may be a strange thing to read about, but if I dont write about it how will you ever know what youre missing? lol

So... I wanted to put index tabs on my brand new Bible. Trouble was, there just wasnt anything out there like what I had in mind. I figured, hey, this is the BIBLE. The most important, most beautiful book in existence! It needs to be celebrated in a physical way as well! Why shouldnt it be elegant and beautiful?
Now I have been a graphic designer going on about 12 years now so I just decided I would make them myself!
I really have to pat myself on the back for the design. They are gorgeous.. totally inspired! Absolutely stunning on my Bible!

I decided I needed to share with them with everyone!
Well... bad idea. It takes about 45 minutes to actually create ONE set. NOT FUN. I had to buy double-sided tape (expensive!), a laminator and laminating sheets (also expensive!). I had to cut them out (both Old and New Testaments), shape them, produce marketing materials and packaging, etc... Anyway, I began selling them. The most I could sell them for was $14.99 on my website,, but the problem was that it was costing me about that much to make each set. It just wasnt worth the time, money or effort. But they were so great I didnt want to just abandon it. I couldnt find a manufacturer because there just are not any in existence!

So after months of wasted time, I finally got smart. I made them into a downloadable PDF file. You can actually print them out yourself and insert them into 1 inch tabs. They still look great! If you laminate them first they almost jump off the page at you! No waiting for shipping either!

So if you want to spruce up your Bible and, please visit and buy a set. If you really like them, please consider posting a link on your site. Every one that sells benefits the Delivering Smiles website ( It helps people that cant afford a dentist get the help they need!
You can also get them on eBay. I have lots of feedback for them!