The Affair - Why Men Dont Leave Their Wives

The Affair - Why Men Dont Leave Their Wives

If you are in an affair with a married man then you may have asked yourself why men dont leave their wives? Married men rarely will truly leave their wives for their mistress. Even if they did whats to stop them from cheating on their mistress? Cheating is messy all around.

When a married man is looking to cheat he may not necessarily be looking to leave his wife. He may just be bored and hes looking for a distraction or some excitement. He may not want anything more than a fling although he will convince you otherwise to get what he wants. He will likely paint a less than loving picture of his wife so he looks like the neglected victim when in fact his situation may be nothing like that. He is manipulating the situation and you to get what he wants.

Would you consider having an affair with a married man that talks about how beautiful, sexy and wonderful his wife is? Probably not. Most men will lie about their situations to gain your compassion and attention. Its not that hard to believe. The reasons men cheat usually come down to the fact that their marriage has gotten stale and one or more of his needs (not just sexually) are not being met to his satisfaction. Thats the same reason women cheat too.

Why dont men leave their wives? Although there may be problems in the marriage at the end of the day he likely still has feelings for his wife. If there are kids involved then this makes it all the messier and many men will not want to put their kids through a divorce.

If you are involved with a married man be aware that the chances of him leaving are slim, especially if there are kids involved. Whats important is that you realize that he likely wont leave his family. Even if he did is this the type of guy you want to be involved with? You could be next.