Ten Items To Make Your Road Trip Luxurious
Ten Items To Make Your Road Trip Luxurious

Ten Items To Make Your Road Trip Luxurious

Everybody loves to take a road trip, especially when the weather is just right and you have all the luxury items you are accustomed to at home, on the road. Is that possible, you might ask? It is if you have a 12-volt adaptor in your car or what many refer to as a cigarette lighter.

So, what types of luxury items are available to you that run off 12-volt that one shouldnt travel without?

1. The Heated Travel Mug - Most hardcore road trippers drink a substantial amount of coffee or tea while driving. And there is nothing worse than having to drink cold coffee. Of course it is easy for ones coffee to grow cold, that is unless you have a heated travel mug. The heated travel mug plugs into your 12-volt accessory port and fits nicely into your vehicles cup holder. The constant heat provided to your mug keeps your drink at the perfect temperature for each sip. What is the perfect temperature? You get to decide as the mugs heat is adjustable. And, because it is a travel mug, it also has a spill-proof lid.

2. Coffee Maker - If you are one of those people who hate to make stops when you are on the road- having your own coffee pot is the way to go. The portable coffee maker is also great for those of you who are picky about their coffee and dont want just any old roadside brew. The 12-volt portable coffee pot is made to brew from 1 to 12 cups. You can drink your coffee as you make it or make enough to store in your thermos. The coffee maker is also cool for those who love to car camp. Having a fresh cup of coffee the first thing in the morning, before having to face the world - well, this is the way to go.

3. Refrigerator - We have heard of people traveling with everything but the kitchen sink, how about traveling with a refrigerator? A 12-volt refrigerator looks like a souped-up ice chest. Sizes range from 14 quart to 43 quart. Some models have a freezer on one side and refrigeration on the other. Having both, you can keep all your drinks icy cold and even make ice. With a refrigerator you never have to worry about ice melting and ruining your food nor having to continue stocking up on ice.

4. Electric Blanket - If your heater in your car doesnt work up to par, how about an electric blanket? Of course an electric blanket is handy in case your car breaks down and you are traveling through cold country, or, if you have a 12-volt extension cord, you can use an electric blanket while you car camp. No need suffering.

5. Heater or Fan - Speaking of car camping, whether you are sleeping in a tent or in the back of your vehicle, it is nice to be comfortable, just like at home. Whether you need a heater or a fan, or both, these also come in 12-volt form. There is even a unit that has both a heater and a fan in one.

6. Portable DVD Player - Traveling long distances with a car full of people? How about turning on a movie? Yes there is a 12-volt DVD player. This is handy at night as well when you are car camping and not quite tired enough to sleep. Putting on a classic or your favorite DVD is the perfect way to wind down after driving all day.

7. Grooming Accessories - Here is the scenario, you have been driving all day, stay the night in a campground, have a shower and, well you need to shave or dry your hair. No problem. With a 12-volt hairdryer and 12-volt razor, you are all set up. There is even have a 12-volt curling iron. No need to stay in a hotel with all of these items at hand.

8. Air Compressor - A 12-volt air compressor is handy for many things. If you are car camping and sleeping on an inflatable mattress, this is the quickest way to fill up your bed. If you are hauling your bicycles around and need air in the tires, again, an air compressor makes short time of it. Last, an air compressor is great for potential flat tires. If you have a slow leak, you can add air to your tires and get your vehicle to a tire shop for repairs. This will save you from having to change the tire first. Some air compressors come with jump-starts for your battery.

9. 12-Volt Flashlight - These handy and very bright lights are wonderful for looking for your belongings in the dark, for emergencies or seeking things out in the forest. The 12-volt lights range from 1.25 million candlepower to 3 million candlepower. You never have to worry about keeping fresh batteries in the car for your flashlight with one of these nor will you have to be in the dark.

10. 12-volt Outlet - Ok, now you have all of this 12-volt equipment and one 12-volt adaptor in your car, you need an adaptor. With this handy unit you plug it into your vehicles 12-volt adaptor and turn one port into three. There is even a 12-volt extension cord so that you arent tied to having all of your items right next to the adaptor.

So what are you waiting for - get out there and enjoy a luxury road trip and car camping with your new found toys.About The Author
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