Super Sunglasses 80s Wayfarer Revival

Super Sunglasses 80s Wayfarer Revival

Now, it quite surprising to know that your traveler sunglasses have reached newer heights by super sunglasses.

Any fashion lover knows that old fashions eventually come back into fashion again, or at least the nice ones do. Which is definitely the case for sunglasses, with the time in question being the jamming 1980s. Definitely we can do without the bad hair styles and the funky coats, however those drifter sunglasses we cant. But its RaY Ban that is known to be the trendsetter to bring the original wanderer sunglasses back in style, that is Retro Super Future-the Super sunglasses is reached newer heights.

Super sunglasses took the traditional wanderer design made it a little bit larger and called it their basic shape and presented it in every color imaginable. These are far from your typical throw away wayfarers; these are all hand made Italian frames with Zeiss lenses, known for their superior optics .

Another dissimilarity and stylish twist on their classic design and a preferred by us this season is comprises the Super Flat Top design. Which features a frame with a completely Flat top, as the name suggests (think that 80s hair style). Of course the flat top model also comes in a variety of patterns and combos, but the most popular this season will be the all black flat top or grey flat top.

A lot of celebrities like Kanye West and Christina Aguilera prefer to wear the Flat Top sunglasses where as hot celebrities like Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba desire the basic shape ; Also seen wearing Super sunglasses: Lil Wayne Daft Punk, Valentino Rossi, and Santigold, only to name some. With the growing craze for these limited designs of super sunglasses, it is quite difficult to get one for yourself. While adding an additional botheration and testing in tracking down your pair, you can rest easy knowing that you will not see too many others with the identical shades.

Without a doubt when it comes to sunglasses the 80s are here and dont appear to be going any where, and one must have are Super sunglasses from Retro Super Future, as you are sure to find a design that you must have.

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