Sony Bravia KDL55X4500U LED Backlit LCD Television Review

Sony Bravia KDL55X4500U LED Backlit LCD Television Review

The Sony Bravia KDL55X4500 is the most up to date model in Sonys LCD television product line, and their first to have LED backlight capability. Using LED, rather than fluorescent, lighting, is now among the most popular LCD television technologies as it leads to a display with richer colouring, while leading to a lower electricity bill. Although the Bravia KDL55X4500 is one of the more feature-rich LCD televisions currently available, it is also comparatively rather expensive. Could this high price tag possibly be justified?

Televisions manufactured by Sony have long been strong sellers on the basis of colour depth. The Bravia KDL55X4500 is a worthy addition to this longstanding theme in Sonys products, while also contributing something completely new: independently controlled brightness of the LEDs. Using this feature, the LED backlights of the television are able to independently become brighter or more dim to suit what is appropriate for the scene. Sonys contrast rating for the Bravia KDL55X4500 amounts to a whopping 1,000,000:1, and there is no reason to doubt this upon examining the quality of the display. The black parts of a scene display an incredible richness, without any odd blooming around the bright areas as is typically seen in LCD TVs.

Sony attracts just as much attention for the appearance of its products. Being so thin that other LCD TVs look fat by comparison, the Bravia KDL55X4500 is no exception. Appearing to float to the left and right of the screen, the thin vertical speakers can be customized in sterling, red, and onyx tones.

The Bravia KDL55X4500 uses a new feature called MotionFlow to increase its display frequency to 100 Hz. MotionFlow is an image processing technology that inserts new data between the images that would appear. This technology results in a display quality with deeper colours, and more fluid motion, than what can be found in other displays.

The Bravia KDL55X4500 can be hooked up to a large variety of equipment and has a feature list befitting a high end TV. It can receive normal and HD television programming up to 1080p, and lower resolution pictures will be upscaled. It can easily be connected to a computer, or can receive video from another room over Ethernet.

The Bravia KDL55X4500 is a product that is entirely new among a world of HDTVs that have begun to look all too similar. It is highly recommended in spite of its high price, for featuring innovations that can not be found in competing products, which combine to produce image quality that is perhaps superior to any other LCD television available currently.