Smooth Nylon Slips

Smooth Nylon Slips

Nylon is not everyones idea of a sensual fabric but some people really love it especially when its used to make nylon slips or petticoats. It was after all one of the first mass produced man made fabrics to be used in themanufacture of amongst other things ladies lingerie. Although modern fabrics like polyester and satin have become more desirable over recent years nylon still has its place. Maybe its because a generation grew up with it that they still prefer smooth silky slips and lingerie that are made from nylon to the newer materials. No one really knows for sure but there is no doubt that for many people only nylon will do when it comes to slips and other intimate garments.

They just love the way a nylon slip slides over the body and the way it feels against their skin. So light and smooth to the touch whist comfortable to wear under todays modern clothes. Nylon slips are durable yet feminine at the same time due to the lashings of lace around the hem and bodice. Those delicate bows and ribbons also enhance the feminine aspect of the garment too making it somehow naughty to see. Almost as though such a delicate piece of lingerie that is worn so intimately shouldnt be on full view. This may explain why some men find a peek at this delicious under garment so thrilling especially when worn by a beautiful woman.

Whatever you may think about the virtues of nylon you can be sure that the humble nylon slip is likely to be around for quite some time to come. While ever there is a demand there will always be a supply for these flimsy nylon underthings and judging by the way they fly off the shelves (or hangers) the demand is alive and kicking. Slips have been around for a long time and are a must have addition to any self respecting girls wardrobe so hang on to your slips because fashion is indeed fickle. What is out today will be back in tomorrow at twice the price so hold on to those silky nylon slips a little longer.

Dont forget that a slip will double up as a slinky nightgown and with all that lacy ribbon they do look quite cute as sleep wear. A nylon slip is also great just for lounging around at home on those lazy weekends or days off work. How about coming home after a hard day at the office and shedding those work clothes then getting under a hot shower or relaxing with a long bath. Towel off and slide into a silky nylon full slip for a quite night in with a glass of wine and a good book or your favorite movie. You wont need to change for bed either and you can slide between the sheets in your silky nylon slip and drift off to sleep.

There are dozens of specialist online lingerie stores that sell beautiful silky nylon slips for only a few dollars each so there is no reason why you shouldnt pamper yourself. After all you work hard so why not treat yourself every now and again to something special and delicate.

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