Signs He Likes You -  The 3 Obvious Signs
Signs He Likes You - The 3 Obvious Signs

Signs He Likes You - The 3 Obvious Signs

Do not think that you are odd if you would like to know whether a man is interested in you. This is something natural that we all experience - and for good reason. Although you may be attracted to a certain guy, it is in order for you to determine whether you share mutual feelings, without which you should not expect anything to come out of your interest - apart from frustration of course.

You will know how to make your move once you have determined that the man positively likes you. So read on to learn some of the best methods that will help you to know whether he likes you and is truly interested in you.

1. Signs he likes you - stealing glances at you

A guy who shows some interest in you will tend to look at you when he believes you are not aware of his actions. Yet when your eyes lock, he will tend to look away. However confident a man is, this shyness tends to bite at this stage.

2. Signs he likes you - he strikes up a conversation

An interested guy will try to speak with you no matter how trivial the subject may be.

3. Signs he likes you - obvious attempts at staying cool

In spite of the shyness that a guy who likes you, he will try very hard to appear confident. In fact, he will try so hard that it becomes obvious. This will act as some kind of a mask to hide the way he truly feels.

These are some of the important signs that will help you to determine whether he likes you. You will therefore know the best way to act. However, the guys interest does not automatically guarantee a good relationship between you. You need to learn of some of the strategies that you should use to build a strong relationship.

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