Sid Roth welcomes John Paul Jackson

Sid Roth welcomes John Paul Jackson

SID : hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where its naturally supernatural.
SID : What did you see about that?
JOHN PAUL : I saw it essentially exploding before it ever has been launched. Many thanks for calling. Theres thousands of check and balances, and failsafe systems, and nothing is going to occur.

JOHN PAUL : It was maddening. They are probably right. Im likely inaccurate. Probably my dream really wasnt a genuine vision, or it wasnt truly what I presumed it was. And then, so when it hit the day after, I was just startled. I sketched pictures of it. Everything.
SID : Listen, when you were on my radio broadcast, we talked about Netanyahu, from Israel.
JOHN PAUL : Well the last time I was on your program, we talked about Netanyahu and who would become the new PM of Israel.
SID : And as I recall, you claimed it was going to be in a troublesome time period.
JOHN PAUL : Yes, a particularly difficult period of time for Israel. SID : Now when you were thirteen, you need to have died. What happened?
JOHN PAUL : Well when I was thirteen, I had encephalitis. I came down with encephalitis, which is a swelling of the liner of the brain. You can have a look online and youll find out that theres been many folk, widely recognized people, just in the last ten years that have died from it. And I should have died of it. I left my body, had an out-of-body experience. I mean, my body was there, but I wasnt there.

JOHN PAUL : Right.
SID : What was your mother doing?
JOHN PAUL : My mother was crying out to God reminding him of a promise that he made to her before I was even conceived, that I would speak the plans of The Lord God. SID : And actually, as you rationalize it an angel came to her.
JOHN PAUL : Right. She had had a miscarriage. And so an angel came to her and spoke to her and said,Grieve no longer. You are going to have a kid. You may name him John Paul, and he is going to have an 11th hour ministry, and even your pregnancy will be a sign of that 11th hour ministry. And she was pregnant with me 11 months, documented, 11 months.
SID : in my view, the purpose that John Paul Jackson is on Planet Earth, the reason that his life was spared, the reason that an angel visited his mother is for him to reveal whats going to happen in the subsequent 10 years, and it should occur in a number of areas. And almost as speedily as you are speaking, things are coming to pass. JOHN PAUL : Yes. SID : in truth, lets have a look now at them.

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