See How Easily You Can Stop Baby Gas Pain with Gripe Water
See How Easily You Can Stop Baby Gas Pain with Gripe Water

See How Easily You Can Stop Baby Gas Pain with Gripe Water

Is your baby gassy?

If your baby relentlessly seems to be bothered by painful gas due to colic, as a parent, you may be extremely upset and frustrated when all your attempts to calm her come to no avail. You want to bring your baby that much-needed relief from the pain, but you dont know where to start? Have you ever thought of gripe water?

Truthfully, all babies have gas to some degree. However, some babies seem to have more trouble than others expelling the gas. The gas bubbles build up creating the spasms that cause your baby such discomfort.

It is often rather difficult to track down the reason for your babys excessive gas. There actually could be a multitude of reasons. One culprit could be too many air bubbles (possibly through an unsuccessful breastfeeding latch or maybe a bad nipple design on a bottle). Or as with colicky babies, too much crying causes baby to swallow air which causes gas.

Another culprit could be either the nursing moms or the babys diet. Often times, babys have a difficult time digesting the same proteins some adults do (lactose intolerant). Or, if mom is nursing and is eating hard-to-digest foods like broccoli, beans or garlic, this will cause gas in an infant, just as it will in an adult.

Yet another culprit could be your babys immature digestive system. There is a theory that your babys digestive system is still growing and this is the cause of the pain and spasms.

Whatever the reason, you can do some things to ease your babys gas pain right away. Try to burp your baby regularly, try infant massage, change your diet if breastfeeding, try a different formula if bottle-fed or utilize baby leg exercises to expel the gas.

However, if none of these techniques seem to work, you do have another option. Try gripe water. So what exactly is gripe water?

Gripe water is a homeopathic remedy in use for over 100 years. It is wildly popular in Europe and is often given as a gift at baby showers! You can choose from several different types and brands of gripe water; but watch out. Some common formulations in the marketplace are not 100% safe and effective and may produce some side-effects.

What you want to give your baby is an all-natural, FDA-regulated, allergen-free, homeopathic gripe water that gently soothes your babys gas pain with no side-effects. Try to stay away from the gripe waters that contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Baking soda has known side effects in infants that include a slowed growth weight, slowed learning abililty, and decreased alertness.

Also, definitely stay away from the gripe waters that contain alcohol (for obvious reasons). Most brands are alcohol-free now, but double-check to make sure.

One brand that meets all these criteria is Colic Calm. Colic Calm is sold on the internet and works wonders in relieving baby gas pain. The relief is fast and effective. So, your baby need not suffer from gas any longer.

Cherie Stirewalt is a colic baby survivor and enlightens parents about colic remedies. Watch a video of Colic Calm in action at Gripe Water Review.