RSVP for surprise birthday invitations

RSVP for surprise birthday invitations

Birthday invitations and coordinating RSVPs can take a lot of planning and close attention to detail. Now try adding the element of surprise and youve added a whole new level of planning. When sending out surprise birthday invitations, you need to make sure youve covered all your bases to reduce your risk of the secret getting out.

Keeping the secret
Make sure you note that is it a surprise party very clearly on the birthday invitation. In fact, you should note that a few times if possible. Some people might focus on the details and miss the big surprise party at the top of the invitation. Make it crystal clear that you are hosting a surprise party and exactly who the party is for. You dont want a guest to accidentally spill the beans and ruin all of your hard work.

Include lots of information on the invitation.
Give your guests as much information as possible on the birthday invitation. If they know at what time to arrive theyll be less likely to arrive late and spoil the surprise. Your surprise party invitation should also include specific information about the location, where to park, when the guest of honor will arrive and any other detail that they should be paying attention to. Even the slightest detail can give away your surprise, so make sure youre covered.

RSVPs for surprise birthday party invitations
Once the birthday invitations have gone out, keeping the secret becomes the hard part. Make it clear how you would like to receive RSVPs and dont list any other contact method. Too often a simple question asked in the wrong company can ruin an otherwise flawless surprise party. Set up a free email account and remain undetected by the guest of honor. It is easy and free to get an extra email account. And youll be glad you did when it helps save your surprise.

Timing for your surprise birthday invitations
Not only should you give your guests enough time to arrive when you send out the surprise birthday invitation, but you should give yourself enough time to plan. Typically, four to six weeks before the event should give you enough time to make plans and still keep a secret. Any more time than this and you many find your self stressing over having to keep such a huge secret.

Additional elements of surprise
Another helpful hint to keeping your guest of honor in the dark is planning the party way before or way after their actual birthday. They might be expecting a party around their birthday, but if you send out birthday invitations for an off time, you might have a better chance of actually making the party a surprise. Youll also want to make sure you have an accomplice to either keep the guest of honor busy or get the party started while youre out with them. Pick someone who you know wont ruin the surprise and has already RSVPed yes to your birthday invitation.

With just a little planning you can have a fantastic surprise party. Keep your birthday guest of honor in the dark with well-planned and executed birthday invitations, RSVPs and plans. It can be done; you just need the right tools.

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