Relationship Tips - The Best Way to Kiss a Girl
Relationship Tips - The Best Way to Kiss a Girl

Relationship Tips - The Best Way to Kiss a Girl

If you ask your mother the best way to kiss a girl, shed probably tell you that you should ask her first --- safe mode, will have to agree with her on that. But what if the girl says no? Major ego-breaker. And grabbing her is not an option. To get smooth with a girl and get the kiss that you wanted is not impossible --- there are techniques to score the best kiss ever! Now, dont get disappointed when you end up messing it up --- practice makes perfect, and theres no better time to start but now! Below are a few tips for you on how to score the best way to kiss a girl --- make her want you more!

* Dont ask, provoke.Probably a sexier way (and definitely no way for her to reject you) is by provoking her for a kiss instead of flat out asking her for it. Reading her body language plays a very important role in this one. Its like reading her mind --- but letting her read yours as well. If she seemed too detached, make her feel a bit more comfortable and if that doesnt work, better step back. Otherwise, go ahead and flirt a little more.
* Tease her a little bit.Get a little playful if you can --- a girl needs to be mentally stimulated first before she gets into the mood of kissing thats why its important you impress her with your sense of humor and killer wit first --- it makes her more attuned with you and will feel more comfortable for the kiss later on. Now thats one sleek move!
* Explore. There are a few creative kissing techniques you can make of. If its your first kiss, better stick to a sweet kiss first, be sensitive with her body language and the way she responds --- if she seems to be enjoying it, get a little adventurous and make use of other kissing techniques --- youll be smooching all night long if you nail it right! Dont rush it. Take time to enjoy the pleasure.
* Pull away first. Want to find out if shes enjoying the kiss as much as you are? Pull away first! If she pulls you right back into her sweet mouth, theres your answer! Its a great way to taunt her as well --- it can bring out the aggressive side in her.

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