Railing Options for Exterior Balcony Designs
Railing Options for Exterior Balcony Designs

Railing Options for Exterior Balcony Designs

There are many different designs and combinations of the balcony railing, you can choose for your home. And can be functional balcony or it can be more decorative, as well as decoration and architecture of the place. The design can also either add iron to the aesthetics or serve a purpose of safety. The following are a few things that must be taken into account when planning the balcony of your own.
False wall balcony

And is characterized by a railing of the balcony railing forged to sit on the outside of the window of a house and projects of at least 6 inches behind the window. In general, were found on these types of balconies outside the French windows. On the balustrade of the balcony Fu is only for decoration.
True Wall Balcony

Balcony railing is true not only on the railing, but also are constructed with a deck above the frame. Average surface extends three feet from the window. Like iron placebo, also uses this type of iron in most cases, outside the French windows. This type of railing provides the outer surface that can hold one or more individuals.
Types of materials

The most common materials used in the terrace wall (regardless of the type or design used), and minerals. Most homeowners generally choose from aluminum or wrought iron for its durability and it can support a lot of weight. If added to the deck, then it is usually best to use the same type of material used in the balcony railing to maintain a consistent appearance with the appearance.
Other great options

There are many other options to choose from to design your balcony. First, if you are tight on space, and consider adding a deck to collapse. Mechanical Components make it possible to turn the deck even when not in use and fold down when you want entertainment or enjoy the outdoors on your balcony.

Choose a terrace that curved or straight. If the framework is the framework in the Gulf, fit the balcony, which will wrap tightly around the window area and conform to the structure of the house.

Add additional screens or glass. If you have a place that can be extended beyond the decorative and the couple, and think about adding an umbrella and attached to the railing. Instead, add the screens removable glass room that can be used 3 or 4 seasons.

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