Questions and Answers feed back from Mr Raj Arora , CEO, Design Company)
Questions and Answers feed back from Mr Raj Arora , CEO, Design Company)

Questions and Answers feed back from Mr Raj Arora , CEO, Design Company)

Q&A feedback from Mr Rajan Arora, CEO, Miracle Studios Pvt Ltd, reveals the secret behind transforming a small thought into the most preferred outsourcing partner (i.e. for US based companies in just five years.

Mind Blowing isnt it!

Q1. Mr. Raj, we have heard that you were just 19 years old when you completed your first web designing project and after that you never looked back and went on to start your own web design company. When your other friends might be watching movies or playing those romantic melodies, heres a man called Raj who was working so hard.

So a question lies here:Why so early in your life Mr Raj?

Mr Rajan Arora: Hmm, nice emotional volley. That was the most painful phase in my life, when my Dad incurred a big loss in a financial venture. He was totally broken emotionally as well as health-wise; he has to be admitted in to an hospital for two weeks.

Within the closed chambers of a hospital room, I promised my dad that I will make up for his financial losses within two years only if he is ready to live his life with a smile.
And after that bringing smiles on my dads face became the motive of life for ever.

Question2. In Last five years, have you seen any major shift in the outlook of outsourcing clients towards an Indian Company like Miracle Studios?

Mr Rajan Arora : Hmm nice question, when Miracle Studios was in its initial phase, it was the time when India was just opening up its wings in to the IT field. Thats when clients used to be very skeptical about the professionalism of an Indian Company.

But we assured our clients that they will get optimum quality of work delivered on time. Thats why Miracle Studios grew like a wild blaze. So fast..

Talking in to the present context, I think India as a country is known for its bright IT professionals. It was IT that generated jobs in this poor country five years ago. It was IT that ignited a positive feeling among huge Indian masses.

At least, we indians have that optimistic feeling now : "Yes we can do anything".
That positivism from IT sector somehow seeped into the mindset of our Indian Society as a whole.

And you see now, Indians is prospering in virtually every field.

Be it Engineering, Be it Automobiles or is the brand India that is shining all the way.

Question 3 : Miracle Studios has grown multi folds in last five years. Can you define the basic ingredients for this successful recipe?

Mr Raj Arora:

I would like to go point wise

No.1. I grabbed the knowledge about the respected domain.


In my case it was Web Services. Co-incidentally, I was myself a very good web designer. After proving myself in web designing world with Miracle Studios, Gradually, I ventured in to other web based services like Web Development, Custom Software Development and Search Engine Optimization Services.No 2. With Miracle Studios, we never took our clients as a part of completing another sale and leaving the rest part untidy.

i.e. Building good relationship with our clients has been the basis our every deal. We dont stop until we see that satisfaction on the faces of our clients.

*Miracle Studios employs stringent quality measures to ensure best performing products for our clients.

So the ingredients for Success are ready:

"Take an ounce of knowledge and mix it well with two ounce of professionalism and garner the recipe with two sweet candies of clients satisfaction...."

And here is your recipe for success.....Would you like to taste it?"

Question 4 We have heard that Mr Raj also has a poet in him, Can you please define Miracle Studios in your poetic flair.. ?

Mr Raj: Oh no not again, I am very pathetic poet, I used to write poems occasionally but those poems are my persona ones. Only I can bear them....

But if you are saying let me try......

I think "Miracle Studios is just like a beautiful painting which will always attract its onlookers. And mind you this painting is perfect in every respect."

Hozzaat......hee hee hee

Question 5: Miracle Studios is the first company with ZERO employee iteration-rate, which who joined who joined Miracle Studios became an integral part of Organization, how do you make it possible?

Raj Arora:

Miracle Studios does not operate as a Company rather it is a family so called "Miraclites". As, we give optimum growth opportunities to our employee in a world class work environment. The employees of Miracle Studios are closely bounded by age old Family System of Indian Culture which professes freedom, respect and care for each individual.So you see on the face we might look westernized but deep within our heart we are still maintaining the ethics of Indian Culture.I think thats why Miracle Studios (Family) is so closely bound.

Question 6 Internet is growing at a mercurial pace. Do you have any plans to tap benefits from emerging web marketing trends?

Mr Raj Arora: I think, Internet was breathed a new life with the discovery of first search engine in the late 1990s.

With search engines it became easier for a normal user to search anything with much ease. In fact, the search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN are the lifelines of Internet.
Rightly sensing the emerging trends, we started a research team in Miracle Studios that constantly examines the varying trends in search results.

Gladly, we have devised a strategy that can bring your website in top ten search engine results for all the keywords that somehow relate to your website.

Miracle Studios will be launching its High Ranking Services next month....

So with Miracle Studios you can get the whole gamut of web based services under single roof. This will be a win-win situation for "our clients".

a) Professional Web Development

b) Concept-based Web Designing Services

c) Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Services

Question 7 Anything special you want to share about Miracle Studios?

Mr Raj Arora: There are so many things to share....Hmm..Yes, we generally bid for projects on a reputed website called

Elance generally rates all companies on the basis of professionalism, providing client satisfaction and on time delivery of project.

The measuring scale is set to Five.

And let me tell you Miracle Studios scores five out of five.

Thats great isnt it.....

Apart from that we have been rated among top ten web design companies in India.

Its like heaven, especially if you are the CEO of company like Miracle Studios.

Question 8 What about the future plans for Miracle Studios? Where do you see yourself in next five years?

Mr Raj Arora: Five years, its a long time, I dont think about future especially so much in the future. I take life in small bites....: Five years, its a long time, I dont think about future especially so much in the future.

I take life in small bites....Let me tell you myself after next six months...

From my personal prospective, I will hope that I will start getting up early for the morning walk. I always try to sleep with this idea, but often I lazily postpone it to the next day. Hopefully I will start a healthy regimen for myself in next six months.

Professionally, I am building a world class work space for Miracle Studios which will be located in Chandigarh IT Park or CTP. CTP comfortably nestles big players in IT field like IBM, Infosys, Dell etc. And there will be Miracle Studios working among the best in the IT field. We are hiring bright talent and employing world class work strategies to give professional services to our outsourcing clients.

We are also trying to pursue ISO 20000 certification for making Miracle Studios as per the International standards. In Products Section, we will be launching latest web designing products ensuring the latest Web 2.0 standards.

Additionally, we will also christen a brand a new Copywriting Section within Miracle Studios.

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