Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Prolapsed hemorrhoids represent both the most severe and probably the most frightening form that internal hemorrhoids can take. To prolapse means to extrude from the body, so only internal hemorrhoids can prolapsed. External hemorrhoids are already on the outside of the body, after all. Hemorrhoids usually arent dangerous, but prolapsed hemorrhoids present the greatest opportunity for serious harm if they arent taken care of.

So, what exactly is a prolapsed hemorrhoid? Put simply, its an internal hemorrhoid thats grown so big that it shows outside the body, either through venal collapse, inflammation, or some combination of the two. The conditions that cause hemorrhoids to begin with are the same things that make an internal hemorrhoid get so big that it prolapses. Extreme downward pressure from gravity or muscle action in the abdomen represent the most frequent culprits. This downward pressure often results from extended sitting on the toilet, constipation, diarrhea, pregnancy, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohns disease or other, similar health conditions.

A prolapsed hemorrhoid usually needs to be seen by a doctor. Your doctor will probably describe the prolapse in terms of "stages" such as stage I or stage IV. All that this means is how severe the hemorrhoid is. A stage I internal hemorrhoid means that it hasnt prolapsed at all. Stage II means that the hemorrhoid pokes out when muscle pressure is applied but it goes right back in on its own. Stage III describes a hemorrhoid that wont go back in by itself but will stay in once pushed with a finger. A stage IV hemorrhoid pushes outside the body all of the time and will not stay inside the body for any length of time.

Some prolapsed hemorrhoids may need to be surgically removed, but many can be treated without surgery. Thats something youll need to discuss with your doctor. If you decide to treat them at home, the first thing to do is make the lifestyle changes that anyone wishing to stop hemorrhoids for good. Its also particularly important to avoid tight clothing, irritating dyes or soaps, and harsh laundry detergent. Remember, when youre dealing with a prolapsed hemorrhoid, highly absorbent intestinal tissue is protruding from your body. It will interact with everything it comes in contact with. Loose, white, clean cotton underwear is the best during a bad case of hemorrhoids. In addition, warm water sitz baths with completely pure water alternating with towel-wrapped ice packs can help, along with regular doses of ibuprofen if youre able to take it.

Whether you need surgery or not, a good diet, appropriate care measures and increased physical activity as your doctor recommends are all necessary to get rid of hemorrhoids for once and for all. Only by making the commitment to take care of yourself will you make sure that your hemorrhoids dont come back.

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