Prime Ten Worst Calorie Food List
Prime Ten Worst Calorie Food List

Prime Ten Worst Calorie Food List

Are you searching for a negative calorie food list? In fact this is a common list of food that burn more calories in digestion in human body than they have in them. Your body needs to spend more calories is digesting this type of food and gather the nutrients that are stored in them. Those who wish to loose calories faster than usual are always looking for the negative calorie food that is also referred as fat burning compatible food.

Perhaps these foods are not only good for shedding fat but are equally good for a healthy body. So, all those who want to include something healthy and nutritious in their diet, the negative calories foods are just the right option for you. Here is a list of such food items:

1. Celery: With its high fiber content and stringy texture, Celery is ideal for those who feel extremely hungry and it also stays in the stomach for a longer time before it gets digested. Ideal for those who tend to eat more than required.

2. Oatmeal: Full or fibers and vitamins, you morning meal of a simple bowl of oats can make sure that your body receives sufficient energy to go through the day. It also helps the body by reducing cholesterol pretty effectively.

3. Vegetable Broth: If you consume vegetable broth with lots of fresh vegetables like tamatoes, beetroot and carrots, you are actually taking nil calorie food that is also very nutritious. This hot broth requires the stomach to use more energy to cool it down before digesting it which is good for loosing weight.

4. Green Tea: If you wish to loose weight in a refreshing manner, nothing can replace a cup of green tea, it also enhances the metabolism of the body. Green tea finds itself a place in the negative calorie food list conveniently and it is also good for reducing chances of heart disease and hence is good for people who have a tendency to develop heart diseases.

5. Grapefruit: This fruit is pretty good for reducing the insulin levels and is a good way to add catabolic enzymes and pectin fiber in your diet as well as being a good way to improve metabolism and reducing weight.

6. Dairy Products: Moderate intake of low fat or non-fat milk, eggs, yoghurt and other dairy products helps burning calories. These are negative calorie food products with calcium content that restricts weight growth.

7. Cucumbers: Comprised largely of water, they contain relative very few calories by volume. Cucumbers remain in the stomach for a longer time and takes more calories to burn and never adds to the total calories taken by a human being.

8. Leafy Greens: Vegetables like lettuce, spinach etc provide sufficient enzymes and fiber that prevent fast storage of food which often leads to fat formation.

9. Fresh Fruits Apple oranges, strawberries, cranberries, honeydew melon, lemons and limes, pineapple, blueberries, watermelon etc. are fresh fruits that are high on water content and low on calories.

10. Complex Carbohydrates If you consume brown bread or pita bread and root vegetables like bagel and pasta, you would be not only improving the metabolic process in the body but also decreasing the chances of fat formation in your body.

When you make sure your daily diet includes the above mentioned negative calorie food list, you are sure to reduce weight and live a healthy life as well.

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