Overview of the Best Annuity Providers
Overview of the Best Annuity Providers

Overview of the Best Annuity Providers

If you are looking to invest in an annuity, one of the first steps towards financial success is to determine the best companies that offer this investment vehicle. Look for an overview of the best annuity providers that can give you the highest return for your investment at the lowest rate possible. With a complete overview of the best annuity providers, you can determine which insurers will give you the best package for your successful retirement future.

In order to determine the best annuity providers, there were two main factors for consideration. The first is the cost of the annuity. Its important to remember that costs and loads are essential to the success of your annuity. You will have to pay these costs and the taxes when you pull out the income from the investment. By keeping costs low while still maintaining all of the benefits you want from the annuity, you will find the highest rate of success with your investment.

The second factor for determining quality annuity providers is their performance in the marketplace. You want your insurance provider to have a strong and stable performance in the marketplace in order to enjoy the profits gained year over year. If your annuity has a lower gain or even a loss in the marketplace, you will not lose your initial investment, but you will also not be able to see the significant gains possible. When you invest with a firm that has a stronger performance and a lower cost, your annuity will be an more successful investment.

The top ten best annuity providers include the following:

• Pacific Life Insurance Company
• Principal Life Insurance
• John Hancock Life Insurance
• Metropolitan Life Insurance
• Hartford Life and Annuity Insurance
• Nationwide Life Insurance
• Hartford Life Insurance
• Prudential Insurance Company of America
• AXA Equitable Life Insurance
• Riversource Life Insurance

Consider any of these companies as a starting point for your own annuity research. Compare costs and fees before you invest your retirement funds into the annuity. Since the annuity cannot be cashed in, you have to feel confident with your insurance company and the annuity for the highest level of financial success in the future. Since the annuity is not backed by the U.S. government, its important to ensure that the insurance provider is solid to be certain that you will not lose your investment in the decades to come.

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