Natural Cure for Kidney Stones - Heal Kidney Stones Naturally

Natural Cure for Kidney Stones - Heal Kidney Stones Naturally

Kidney stones are very troublesome and their pains generally originate around the back or side (ideally just under the rib cage). The episode of such pains typically may last for 3-5 minutes and in some worst cases, even up to 20 minutes! As the intensity increases, the pain may generally shift towards the stomach and groin area. Natural cure for kidney stones is requires since patients suffering from this condition may also face other symptoms such as unusual urine color (maybe, bloody); constant stomach aches; vomiting (or maybe nausea); feeling too tight; fever; rigors, and polyuria (possible require to urinate more often than normal).

Let us learn natural cure for kidney stone:

Drink plenty of water: Water is one of the best shields for the body that work against the buildup of kidney stones. Not only drinking water cleanses and detoxifies the body from the impurities that give rise to building up the renal calculus, water also has flushing properties that help flushing out the body toxins present in the intestines.

Apple Cider Vinegar: You can also try some apple cider vinegar. This is an age-old cure used to treat various health ailments including getting rid of renal calculi. Apple cider vinegar acts and gets you wonderful results whenever it is all about dissolving and preventing the kidney stones. Regular dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar is likely to soften and dissolve the kidney stones that, in order, make them easier to pass and get excreted. One tbsp of apple cider vinegar a day will keep the pain under control.

Combine basil and honey: This is another famous natural cure for kidney stones. For this, get one tsp. of basil with equal quantity of honey and swallow the mixture. Kidney stones may get minimized and thrown out of the body through urine. This concoction is to be taken one to two times a day for better results.

Eating celery is natural cure for kidney stone: Celery is found to prevent the buildup of kidney stones. For thins, just include celery in your diet. Also, drink ½ a cup of pure lemon juice (diluted and in acidity it is contraindicated) daily. This is found to protect the body from building up the calcium stones. This is because lemon helps in deposition of the calcium and it does not allow calcium to get stored in the body, especially in the urinary tract.

Brew some green tea is also a natural cure for kidney stones: The antioxidants found in green tea are likely to cease the buildup of kidney stones. Some health care providers believe that they never give chance to form the kidney stones and also to recur. However, green tea is to be taken with extra caution since without any medical supervision, it may worsen the case of kidney stones due to high oxalate content. The black tea may cause all these problems and hence, the care should be taken that you consume the green tea and not the black one. However, in any case, medical supervision is sought.

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