Money, Manifestation, and The Truth
Money, Manifestation, and The Truth

Money, Manifestation, and The Truth

TB Wright

Truth is the one most powerful method for manifesting money, being happier, and in the long run, for expanding upon our wealth. Where wealth in The One Penny Millionaire!™ is defined as "an increase in any area of your life that is important to you." This is why the "fake it till you make it" method only works in a minimal way. I prefer the "tell the truth now, tell the truth later" method. In this way, those things which can block our success, such as all manner of resistance, fear, anger, and disappointment, are confronted, told the truth about, and then gone beyond. Because truth is, being happy all the time is counterintuitive and counterproductive to manifesting real wealth. Since real wealth does exist in our real lives, and we can have it, lets now tell the real truth about just how we can do that!

Approaching these issues one detail at a time will clarify this process for success so that each offered technique can be taken one step at a time. Lets take the process of telling the truth about our resistance to "having it all" so that this block can be worked with and then gone beyond. What does it mean to resist "having it all?" It means that we resist, by being angry, disappointed, upset, or resigned, "the way it is," even when in truth, there is no permanent way it is. There cant be, not in a Universe where change is the only constant! Most of us also live in a Universe where our belief in "the way it is" is usually not the way we would like it to be! And what is "having it all?" Its having all those parts of our lives that have not worked out to our satisfaction, work out to our satisfaction. In straight terms, its the writing of the great permission slip inside of ourselves, that says "Yes," any one of us can have our life be the way we desire it to be. Our choice, our voice.

The customarily offered solution to our resistance, the one that doesnt work that well, is to use affirmations or visualizations or happy thoughts, to counter the negative mindset we have been trained into having. Yet despite the success many people have had with using these methods, the dissatisfaction that is brought up when they dont work has been great. Sometimes they work, but not always. Why is that? Because being happy all the time is counterintuitive to the way life actually unfolds for us. Who is happy all the time? I dont know anyone who is. Using our energy to try and force ourselves to be something that we cannot be, happy all the time, is to use up our precious life time and energy, in a way that interferes with our success, or the manifesting of what we desire to experience; more love, a successful career, more money, better health, increasing joy, satisfaction, or any number of other wealths.

Its okay then, to be happy more of the time, because we can do that! And to the degree that we are happy more of the time, which really means, to the degree that we not only appreciate what we have, but what is to come as well, is to the degree that The Universe then says, "Here, have more of what you are happy with." Appreciation attracts more of what we are appreciating, its Universal Law, and it works every time. Our resistance to having our all, in whatever subtle ways we do that, may impede the speed with which our good comes, but thats us, not the Universe that determines how much we have and when. There is no "way it is" out there that determines the conditions of our lives, regardless of how out of control circumstances can seem at any one time. Those conditions (lets tell the truth some more here) may in fact be out of our control at many times in our lives, but never, not once, ever, is our response to them beyond our control. This is the key point that most New Agey kind of philosophies miss entirely. Our pet dies, we have no control over that. But the meaning we give to that natural and inevitable process? Thats our bag, always, and in all ways.

The same with money. What meaning we give to having or not having money, at any one time in our lives, is our bag, and our bag alone. We make it all up. If we give the meaning to having money that of something that is beyond our ability to do, then it will be beyond our ability to do. If we give the meaning of manifesting money, that which is within our ability to do, and to do it well, then we will do it, and do it well. Telling the truth about just what meanings we already have, is more important than trying to immediately jump into adopting new meanings, such as "I am rich," or "I make money easily." Because if you dont have the belief that you "make money easily" then you wont make it easily. But if you tell the truth about the present moment fact that you have the belief that you dont make money easily, then you can work around that wall to having more money! "Oh, there it is, the belief I am trying to counter with all these affirmations!" In this way, since you are now seeing the block you have, you can do what we do in The One Penny Millionaire!™ and use The Disappearance Process to first disappear that block to having more money, which is simply part of your current belief system, and then you can do what always is within your control, and choose to adopt a new belief about money. This is the tell the truth now, tell the truth later method.

Whats next? Now that we have determined that life is life, and not any one way all the time, we can relax and stop wasting our energy trying to fix what doesnt need to be fixed, because it cannot be fixed. For instance, instead of trying to fix the fact that we arent happy all the time, how about simply noticing that fact, telling the truth about it, and then without devoting a single other bit of our energy to it, then choose what feelings we would like to have more of. Happiness? Great! We can do that. We can have more and more happy feelings in our lives through appreciating them exactly as they are first, and then continuing to have our feelings of good grow. Oh, were not happy all the time? Great! We are happy when we are happy, and not when we are not, and thats to live a real and authentic life, where now that weve told the truth about it, we can then continue to expand upon our choices regarding how we feel about our lives. Bit by bit, we accumulate the effect of this telling the truth now, tell the truth later, process, and one day, as if suddenly, we find that were happy either most of the time, or a whole lot happier than we ever were before!

Thats when this whole Abundance Acclimation Process that we have practiced over time, will have added up, and in perfect intuitive sense with our lives, this process will have allowed us, over time, to write that great permission slip inside of our hearts that says "Yes, we can have it all," and whatever our all is to any one of us. Now thats a world that works for everyone, where everyone wins, with no one and no thing left out!

Some Simple Steps For Success:

1) Appreciation attracts more good into our lives, regardless of what that good is for any one of us. Expanding upon our appreciation of our lives also takes time. Allow yourself that time. Just for today, and then on every day you can, simply pick one item in your life that you really appreciate, and then simply continue to expand upon those feelings, including more and more items as you go along.

2) Make the commitment to yourself, through a promise made to someone who will support you in keeping your word, that you will live out the "tell the truth now, tell the truth later" method for success.

3) Give yourself a break. When the unhappy moments come, just let them be what they are; unhappy moments. Dont try to fix or change them, dont add a single bit more of your precious life energy to them, and do not give any more new meanings to them, then the meanings your automatic mind system has already come up with. Just tell the truth about what already is, and then have them be what they are. "Oh, Im unhappy right now. Great! I get to be alive and awake and unhappy." What does that mean? Nothing. Nothing, but that in this moment, you are unhappy.

4) The final of these particular four steps to success, is that of service. If you desire to expand upon any detail of your life, be it relationship, money, career, or happiness, then go out and support someone else in having these things as well. Its called service, to serve another, and it works for your joyous benefit every single time. Want to be happy more of the time? Then support someone else in being happy more of the time. Not all of the time, but more and more of the time as you go along. Want to be rich? Then support someone else in being rich. And what you will learn along the way, is to how to support yourself in attaining these things as well.

With love, TB Wright.