Medieval Weapons Most Effective Tool of the Battle Field

Medieval Weapons Most Effective Tool of the Battle Field

Medieval period was a time when mayhem and warfare was quite common and people of medieval period were introduced to weapons at quite an early age. Owing a medieval weapon was a status symbol and these weapons were loved and possessed by the people. Medieval ages is considered as a time of much conflict and warfare and to face them efficiently many unusual weapons were created to solve battlefield problems. All the medieval weapons were not specifically created for war and battle but it was also designed for hand to hand combat. Medieval weaponry is very well known throughout the world as they were continuously improved.

Medieval weapons are one of the best known products of medieval period. Due to its uniqueness and high quality, people still love to have these weapons. Medieval weapons were available in various forms from simple tools to complex engineering that was result of the medieval warfare technology. Various medieval weapons includes pole arms, battle axes, maces, billhook, caltrop, flail, halberd, longbow, bow, crossbow, pike, pole axe, quarterstaff, spear, war hammer, baton and scimitar. These weapons were primarily used by foot soldiers. Knights needed weapons that could be used while on horseback, hence knight weapons consisted of the lance, shields and swords such as the broadsword, falchion, great sword and long sword.

The set of weapons used by the foot soldiers and knights varies according to their specific needs and requirements. The weapons used by the knight soldiers were expensive due to the technology and effectiveness compared to the weapons of the foot soldiers. Everyone did not have the latest weapon as it all depended on their status and position in the Feudal System. To employ knight soldiers was very expensive as the weapons, armor for knight and horse were very costly. The medieval ages were also a time of invention, in which warriors and soldiers perfected the already existing trebuchet to create gruesome medieval weapons.

While thinking of medieval weapons, we all think of sword and daggers and their implication in day to day life but there were several others medieval weapons that were used as per requirement and convenience. Depending on the combat situation, soldiers used the weapons as there was wide variety of weapons that were most commonly used by the soldiers. In close fight with the enemy the soldiers used melee weapon as these weapon can be used repeatedly in quick succession. Flails weapons were also popular among warriors and soldiers as deadly medieval chain weapons. is the best place for Medieval items, Medieval Armor, Medieval & Renaissance fashion and many accessories. Here you can find Medieval Weapons which are designed in various form and styles for hand to hand combat not only for war and battle.