Measures That Will Encourage Your Boyfriend to Commit
Measures That Will Encourage Your Boyfriend to Commit

Measures That Will Encourage Your Boyfriend to Commit

While many of us go through long dating relationships as we wait for our boyfriends to propose, there are actually simple measures that can encourage the men to commit. Unfortunately, many women commit serious blunders in their efforts to make their boyfriends think of marriage. The methods mentioned here will help you to succeed in your efforts, and fast.

Avoid the topic

If you would like your boyfriend to think of marriage, this is the topic that should be furthest from your conversations. If you keep talking about your expectations of marriage, you are likely to make your boyfriend feel pressured to commit. In such a case, you are more likely to draw his resistance.

The best way to make your boyfriend think of marriage is to steer clear of the topic in any way. You should avoid giving any hint even when you do not actually say anything that points to marriage.

Dont be available all the time

If you are in love with a man and would like him to marry you, you will feel like being with him all the time. You will also go out of your way to fulfill his wishes. Unfortunately, this is counterproductive, as it will make the man relax his efforts. He knows that you will simply wait for him until he is ready.

However, if you pursue some of your own interests that do not take him into consideration, the man will realize that there is a real risk of losing you. Unless he does not really care about you, your boyfriend will not sit back with such a possibility. Instead, he will take measures that will draw you closer to him, and he will commit.

Accept him

Many of us unconsciously try to change our boyfriends to suit our own likings. However, if you want your man to rush into proposing, you should let him know that you accept him as he is. Here is one of the places where actions speak louder than words. Dont tell him but show him instead that you accept him.

Interestingly, when you are not obsessed with changing your guy is when he will make efforts to change in a way that appeal to you.

These are just a few examples of the things you can do to influence your man to seriously think of marrying you. There are also many other things that will help you in this effort that you should be aware of. You should not just sit by as you wait for your boyfriend to commit. Encourage him to get into an appropriate frame of mind through such subtle measures.

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