Male Body Language Flirting - How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You Or Not?

Male Body Language Flirting - How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You Or Not?

Male body language flirting is something that can definitely be analyzed and from which we can learn many things about what is really behind those gorgeous eyes and if he likes you or not.

Here you have 10 tips for finding out more about male body language flirting:

1. When he talks to you he is trying to come near you through small gestures.

2. He will occupy your space with his personal items: his pushes his phone or his glass of beer to part of the table.

3. When you turn your head in other direction, he looks more at you. You can easily realize this if you are using your peripheral look, specific to women.

4. Whatever the situation or how he is dressed, he tends to adjust his wardrobe and he often takes his hand through his hair.

5. He often makes small gestures that betrays a certain nervousness - he rubs his chin and/or his neck, he is expanding his collar, etc.

6. He will slightly touch you, be mistake, then he will excuse himself reaching at you again more firmly. This is a strong example for male body language flirting when a guy likes you.

7. He will talk less than you, he will ask you questions and he will show interest in listening you.

8. In the pauses of silence, he is looking to focus his eyes on anything else than on your person: he is looking around, for an waiter or whatever, he is studying with concern the content of his glass and very rarely will look at you.

9. If he is smoking, he will blow the smoke always up - as a sign of approval and acceptance - and never directly to you. He will smoke more often and he will play with the lighter also more often.

10. When he talks to you, his body language is on pause, even if he has something important to discuss. If he likes you, he prefers to display a calculated and reserved behavior. In reality, this translates into tension.

These tips about male body language flirting should make your first date easier and increase your chances for a second date. It will only depend on you to use them well in your advantage.

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