Leg Amputation Compensation - Typical Compensation Claim Figures
Leg Amputation Compensation - Typical Compensation Claim Figures

Leg Amputation Compensation - Typical Compensation Claim Figures

Adapting to life after an amputation can be a very difficult process; you might require specialist help, such as training on the use of an artificial limb, or assistance with tasks such as getting washed and dressed each day. These costs will be recovered as part of the special damages for your claim, but toady I am looking specifically at the compensation paid out for injuries alone.

Serious leg injuries below the level that requires an amputation can include de-gloving, where the skin is separated from the leg and extensive plastic surgery and skin grafts will be required to repair the damage. Other injuries at this level can include fractures where one leg has been left much shorter than the other, or where there is a need for extensive bone grafts to repair the injury. An award made to someone who had suffered a very severe injury such as those described above would usually be around £60,000 to £80,000.

For amputation injuries, the amount of leg injury compensation claims awarded reflects the extent of the amputation, and factors such as whether it will be possible to fit the person with a prosthetic limb after the amputation. Another factor that affects the level of compensation is whether numerous attempts to save the leg were made in operations before the leg was finally amputated, as is likely to have prolonged the victims suffering.

Amputation below the knee for one leg will usually attract a compensation award in the region of £60,000 to £83,000, depending on how traumatic the amputation was, and whether it had to be performed whilst the person was still conscious. For amputations of one leg above the knee, the figure is greater, approaching £90,000 in the most severe cases, where there may be complications such as phantom limb pain and psychological effects such as depression.

Amputation of both legs is the most severe consequence of an injury to the legs. In these very serious cases compensation is around £130,000 to £170,000 for amputations below the knee and £150,000 to £180,000 for amputations above the knee.

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