Koala Bears Beg for Water in Australia

Koala Bears Beg for Water in Australia

Someone once said that a picture was worth a thousand words, so why are we now seeing pictures of Koala Bears asking ~ begging ~ for water? For anyone who is still in denial about climate change happening, please understand this about Australias Koala Bears.

Koala Bears do not normally drink water. Under normal circumstances, a Koala Bear will get all the fluids they need from the type of gum leaves they eat. The problem for many of our Koala Bears is that so much of their natural habitat is disappearing under residential and industrial development projects.

Last summer was a hot one and the bushfires around Australia destroyed even more of the Koala Bears natural habitat. Without these special gum leaves that Koalas live on they cant live. Everything they need is contained in those very special gum leaves so to see a Koala actually approach a Human being and beg for water is so nonsensical and uncharacteristic that alarm bells should be clanging in our heads like Londoners "Big Ben". But there are still those on earth who refuse to believe our planet Earth is in trouble. As Al Gore said, it really is "An Inconvenient Truth".

Koala Bears may look cute and cuddly but when they are encountered in their natural state they can be quite vicious. They have good climbing claws and if you handle them in the wild and arent careful enough, you will get hurt. A Friend of mine owns a property (ranch) outside Lismore in NSW and they planted rows and rows of special gum trees there for the local Koala population.

These Koalass are lucky because one of the people who are looking after them is a scientist and environmentalist. But her partner, who picked up one of these Koala Bears one morning as it wandered across his back yard to show a friend visiting from New Zealand, how wiry the Bears fur actually is, wasnt careful enough when he put the Koala Bear back on the ground. He ended up with an emergency trip to the Lismore base hospital and nine stitches in his hand.

Summer is just starting in Australia and already the bushfires have begun. So anyone who isnt prepared to acknowledge that we all need to make changes to the way we use Earths resources; I can only wish that in your next life you come back as a Koala Bear having to beg for water while experiencing your home being destroyed and that, by the way, isnt nonsense.