Kirby Vacuum Cleaner - Are They Worth the Money?

Kirby Vacuum Cleaner - Are They Worth the Money?

Kirby vacuum cleaners have been around for half a century and are definitely one
of the best in the industry. Your mom probably has a Kirby, so does your grandmother.
However, it doesnt mean that Kirby vacuums are old-fashioned; in fact they are
using the best of modern technology to make their units very effective and simple
to use. Find out what are the advantages of using a Kirby vacuum cleaner.

What to expect from a Kirby vacuum cleaner

A Kirby vacuum cleaner comes with many accessories, for all imaginable vacuuming
jobs. It has several brushes and nozzles for different surfaces. And its best
selling point is that almost no dust is blown back to your room. Many cheap
vacuum cleaners, pick all the dust, and then blow some of it back. Kirby cleaners
have HEPA filters, which stops almost all dust from getting back to your room.
This is especially important for families with young babies or people with allergies
and asthma.

Kirby vacuum cleaners are not bagless, so you will need to change the bag on
a regular basis. But it is an easy task if you follow the instructions.

If you are looking for a more elaborated model of vacuum cleaner that could
shampoo your carpets, wax your kitchen floor or buff your hardwood flooring,
additional Kirby vacuum cleaner accessories can do all that. It can even have
a sanding tool, for home projects where sanding is required. The sanding attachment
is actually very handy, because it works much faster than hand sanding, and
after you are finished just change the attachment you can clean all mess in
a couple minutes.

Buying a Kirby vacuum cleaners

Kirby vacuums are very popular, but you usually wont be able to get one in
a department store or even vacuum cleaners store. The reason is that Kirby only
sells though their system of in-home salesmen. You can call their center or
visit their website and ask them about buying a Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Usually the company sends a person to demonstrate what their vacuums can do
for you, so you can see how it works before you buy. Of course, they will also
try to sell you as many additional accessories as possible, but dont let that
happen. It is your right to buy only what you need.

Another option is to look for Kirby vacuums on Ebay, this way you can get a
cheaper price. On Ebay you can find brand new Kirby vacuum cleaners as well
as used ones. Also many sellers offer bags, parts and other accessories. Even
though buying Kirby on Ebay you can give you a better price, there is one disadvantage
- you are not getting a warranty for a Kirby vacuum cleaner or any Kirby parts
or accessories if you are not buying them through a company representative.
However, it makes sense to buy Kirby vacuum cleaner bags on Ebay because there
is not much can go wrong with a vacuum cleaner bag, but it can save you a lot.

Tanya Turner is a publisher of Vacuum Cleaners Central where you can find information on best vacuum cleaners and comparison of vacuums by different brands