Kenya Tourist visa requirements: Get a Kenya Visa for Travelers
Kenya Tourist visa requirements: Get a Kenya Visa for Travelers

Kenya Tourist visa requirements: Get a Kenya Visa for Travelers

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Tourist Visas Embassies and consulates

Kenya has diplomatic representation in many countries. Where there is no Kenyan embassy or high commission, visas can be obtained from the British embassy or high commission.

Its important to understand what your own embassy-the embassy of the country of which you are a citizen-can and cant do to help you if you get into trouble. Generally speaking, it wont be much help in emergencies if the trouble youre in is remotely your own fault. Remember that you are bound by the laws of the country you are in. Your embassy will not be sympathetic if you end up in jail after committing a crime locally, even if such actions are legal in your own country.

In genuine emergencies you might get some assistance, but only if other channels have been exhausted. For example, if you need to get home urgently, a free ticket home is exceedingly unlikely-the embassy would expect you to have some insurance. If all your money and documents are stolen, the embassy might assist with getting anew passport, but loan for onward travel is out of the question.

Kenyan embassies and consulates in Your Country

AUSTRALIA: Tel, 02-62474788 QBE Bldg, 33-35 Ainslie Ave, Canberra, ACT 2601

AUSTRIA: Tel, 01-7123919;
Neulinggasse 29/8, 1030 Vienna

CANADA: 613-631773; ; 415Laurier Ave, East Ottawa, Ontario, KIN 6R4

ETHIOPIA: Tel, 01-610033; ;
Fikre Mariam Rd, P.o Box 3301, Addis Ababa

FRANCE: Tel, 01-56622525; ;3rue
Freycinet,75116 Paris)

GERMANY: Tel,030-25922660;; Markgrafenstr 63,10969 Berlin

INDIA: Tel, 011-26146537;; 34 Paschimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, 10057 New Delhi)

ISRAEL: Tel,03-57546333; ;15Rehov
Abba Hillel Silver, Ramat Gan 52522, P. O Box 52136, Tel Aviv

ITALY: Tel, 396-8082714;;via Archmede 165, 00197, Rome)

JAPAN: Tel, 03-37234006; ; 3-24-3 Yakumo, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo 152)

NETHERLANDS: Tel, 070-3504215; ;
Niewe Parklaan 21, 2597, The Hague)

SOUTH AFRICA: Tel, 012-3622249; ;302 Brooks St, Menlo Park, 0081,Pretoria)

SUDAN: Tel, 011-460386; Street 3 Amarat, P.O. Box 8242, Khartoum)

TANZANIA: Tel, 022- 2112955; ; NIC Investment House, Samora Ave, P.O Box 5231, Dar es salaam)

UGANDA: Tel, 041- 258235; Plot No.41, Nakasero Rd, P.O. Box 5220, Kampala)

UK: Tel, 020-76362371;;45portlandPl, London W1N4AS)

USA: Tel, 202-3876101;; 2249R St NW, Washington DC 20008)

Embassies and Consulates of other countries in Kenya

Many countries around the world maintain diplomatic missions in Kenya; A selection of these is listed following. Missions are located in Nairobi (Area tel. code 020) unless otherwise stated.

AUSTRALIA High commission; tel, 445034; ;ICIPE House, Riverside Drive)

AUSTRIA: Tel: 319076; ;City House, Wabera St)

CANADA high commission: Tel, 3663000; ; Limuru Rd)

ETHIOPIA: Tel, 2732050; State House Ave.

FRANCE: Tel, 316363;; Barclays Plaza, Loita St)
GERMANY: Tel, 4262100; ; 113 Riverside Drive)

INDIA high Commision: Tel, 222566; ; Jeevan Bharati Bldg, Harambee Ave.

IRELAND honorary consulate: Tel, 556647; ; Maasai Rd)

ISRAEL: Tel, 2722182; Bishops Rd)

ITALY Embassy: Tel, 319198; ; International Life House, Mama Ngina St; Consulate 041-314705;Jubilee Bldg, Moi Ave. Mombasa.

JAPAN:Tel, 315850;;ICEA Bldg, Kenyatta Ave.)

NETHERLANDS: Tel, 4447412; Riverside Lane)

SOUTH AFRICA High Commission; Tel, 2827100; Roshanmaer Pl, Lenana Rd)

SPAIN: Tel, 246009; ; International House, Mama Ngina St.)

SUDAN: Tel, 2720883; ;AON-Minet Bldg, Mamlaka Rd) At the time of research, this embassy did not issue visas.

SWITZERLAND: Tel, 228735; International House, Mama Ngina St)

TANZANIA High Commission: Tel, 311948; Reinsurance Plaza, Aha Khan Walk)

UGANDA High Commission: Tel, 4445420; ;Riverside Paddocks) Consular section; Tel, 311814; Uganda House, Kenyatta Ave)

UK High Commission: Tel, 2844000; ; Upper Hill Rd)

USA: Tel, 3636000; ; United Nations Ave)

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