Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

Ive always found it rather fascinating how different God made women from men. And to be perfectly honest with you, I love the differences! I would say 99% of all women who I ask would never want to be a man. And guess what? 99% of all men that I ask would never want to be a woman.

We love each other, we admire each other, and we scare each other half to death. And for this reason I have decided to give you a little game to play with each other; just for fun. I have prepared a list of four intimate questions to ask your partner. I want you to take turns asking each other and then thoroughly enjoy watching, and experiencing each others responses.

So lets get started and promise me you will do this with a sense of appreciation for how sweet and beautiful your partners answers are, and how sweet and precious your partner is.

Honey, when you look into my eyes, do you still appreciate me?

Sweetheart, when you hold me when we make love, do you feel like you want to hold me forever?

Baby, how can I show you how much I really love you?

Sugar, can you believe how much our love and relationship has grown?

So ladies and men, enjoy the intimacy that you signed up for when you decided to become man and wife. Never forget how fortunate you are to have the most amazing lover as your life partner! You, my friends have it all.

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