How to Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back for a making up relationship?

How to Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back for a making up relationship?

I was doing a brainstorming session last night which lead me to think about the differences between women and men in a relationship. I wanted to jot this down and help out some fellow women out there (or men) on understanding your ex boyfriend and how to win them back. What do men want and how can you win him back? Although I know ultimately men and women arent much different in the sense that they all want to be loved and appreciated, men care about some things more than women do and same applies the other way around. Perhaps this will help you in your quest to get your ex-boyfriend back. Your boyfriend rejected you? Reject him! Im not sure why people chase when clearly they are not desired anymore. If your boyfriend has dumped you, the worst thing you can do is appear desperate and start chasing after him like a love-sick puppy.

This is what your chasing means to him: Ego trip. Suddenly all concerns about whether he made the right choice or not just flew out the window. If youve never trained a puppy before you might not be familiar with this concept. Your chasing and declarations of love just re-enforced his decision to leave you BECAUSE he welcomes all the attention. Admittedly sometimes they wont welcome it and guess what that tells you? Either way, appearing desperate and chasing is a big NO-NO. Drill it into your heads. If he dumped you, reject him too!

How are you going to rejecting the Rejection? Does this mean youre going to tell him you wont accept his decision to break up with you and proceed as if you hadnt heard him? No it doesnt mean that. What I mean is, you have to reject the feelings of rejection and most of all reject displaying those feelings to him. Im not saying you shouldnt be sad. Of course you will be. Of course you will hurt. We all do it and your ex most likely will be hurting too. Rejecting rejection isnt about rejecting your feelings or bottling those feelings up. However it does mean you need to be careful you dont overreact in front of your ex and say or do something stupid in the aftermath of the break up. If You Failed at Being the Best Girlfriend Be the Best EX Girlfriend, most likely your ex wont want to cut all communications with you. Even if they do they might feed you the lets be friends speech. So youre going to play it cool and act like the best behaved ex-girlfriend your ex has ever seen.

The best ex-girlfriend:
Keeps her distance because she respect her exs decision to break up. She respects his decision because she respects him.
Knows not to over-step boundaries in their new relationship, which includes no kissing, touching, sex or body massages.
Knows not to argue, harass or make her ex guilty.
Wants respect and wont be treated like a doormat.
Will be patient and have faith in the relationship.
Understands the relationship will resume if it was meant to be.
Will agree to give her ex space and work on fulfilling her own life while she gives him space.
Will not sleep with his friends or family members just to spite her ex.
Will not drown her in alcohol and / or drugs.
Will not spy or continue to obsess over her ex in her spare time.
In other words, forget him for a while and try to move on with your life in the meantime! Have faith if this love was meant to be, it will come back to you.
Go Online and Read How to Win Your Ex Back Articles. Online articles are great at offering quick and fast advice on what you should do, for example the one youre reading right now =). There is a problem with free information however and that is a lot of is quite... well bad. Not everyone who offers advice will know what theyre talking about and sometimes the advice is just plain bad and damaging for your relationship. Thankfully theres a solution for all that.

Online forums are great also but you wont always find the advice you want (or maybe you just dont want to accept the advice offered), some great forums that I frequent and urge you to check out are: - favourite place for break up advice, - friendly people although they can be more harsh about it... but truth hurts and they will be honest with you. - similar to the above but with more empathy towards the dumped. You might also want to check out How to Win Your Ex Back, it has some great unisex tips on getting your ex back. Another one is Men Psychology. I wont pretend like I understand men and why they do the things they do, but Ill try to give you the best piece of advice I can tell you about them here.

Men, by nature, are more competitive than women are. While girls are playing with their Barbie dolls, boys are out trying to WIN. This could be either in sports, video games or in any kind of competition. (Against other males anyway)
Instinctively they have a drive to compete against other males and want to dominate them. Men are also much more visual than women are. By this I mean they are more stimulated by visuals than women. (Women are more emotion-driven.) Knowing this about your man, you can use this to your advantage. Pushing those Male Hot Buttons: Appearances COUNT when youre dealing with a guy. (Yes it counts if youre a guy who wants a girl back too, but I think not as much) This is taking into account the fact that guys are much more visual than the female counterpart. If youve really let your appearances go (no make up EVER and baggy sweat pants with over-sized t-shirt kind of bad), stepping up your appearance a few notches to show through your feminine side will score you more points with your ex than you think.

Of course, always BE yourself, just be the upgraded and improved you.
Take advantage of their competitive nature: This is where taking care of your appearances has a second great benefit. You see once he sees you have improved your appearances, subconsciously he knows other guys will start to notice and see you differently too. This is where his competitive side will kick in. He will WANT to compete with them and WIN you over first! See what I mean? Its a double whammy. Dont underestimate how effective this can be! Get the Inside To Match Too! I dont mean your kidneys and livers, I mean how well youve grown and improved at fulfilling your own life as well. Seeing this new and improved you will make them wonder what theyve lost and why theyre not with you anymore.

You should also feel great about yourself and not worry if they come back or not. (Remember if its true love, they will come back, just have faith).Getting That Boy to Talk to You. Of course the tips above wont really work unless theyre around you to see your improved self, so its a good idea to get into contact again. Call him, email him or accidentally bump into him... devise some way of getting into contact and give him the impression you just want to be friends, at least for now. He should be fine with that. Maintaining friendship is important if you want to get to the next stage (getting them back) but remember only when the time is right. You still need to practice the no contact rule for at least a month.

If Nothing Works? What doesnt work? The only thing that wouldnt work is if you dont do the things you know you should do to better your life right now. Does it matter if he decides to come back or not if youve found you dont need him anymore? Be happy with yourself and what you DO have. Then you wont have to beat yourself up if he chooses to go a different path. Its his lose at the end of the day anyway. Want to ensure your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back? Heres a proven method that has been used by 1000s! Join the abundance of success stories today! Get Him Back Now!

Indeed, life is short. Dont let another day go by without taking a chance on happiness. You will never know until you try, so remember to make a move today. It can change or affect the rest of your life, therefore, at the very least, you can try to come out something for your ex love partner during your weekend plans. With a little practice, perseverance and patience, I believe that your relationship could be enhanced with the tips that I have shared earlier. If you have faced any problems with your loved ones, do not hesitate to visit this piece of article again. I really have a strong belief that if you can understand what I have explained and applied what you have learnt from this piece of article, your problems can be eventually solved and your making up relationship can become more stable and stronger. I wish all the best for your making up relationship with your partner. Do always remember to spread word of mouth to your fellow friends for supporting the decision of having making up than breaking up.

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