How To Win My Ex Back Using Simple Reverse Psychology
How To Win My Ex Back Using Simple Reverse Psychology

How To Win My Ex Back Using Simple Reverse Psychology

If you are thinking about how to win my ex back by using reverse psychology, you may also think that it sound really complicated but it can in fact be very easy to do. Reverse psychology is simply a way of getting your ex to begin to notice you rather than just acting as if you are not there.

One of the first steps you need to take if you really want to win your ex back is deciding that you will have absolutely no contact with them. No contact means just that, no calling, texting, and above all else never making an attempt to try to see them.

While you may find this hard and feel like it is backwards when it comes to your real goal, which is to get your ex back, this is actually reverse psychology, and it will work in you favor because if your ex has made it clear they no longer want to see you but you are constantly chasing them down or calling etc., when you suddenly decide to have no contact, it will make them think about what you are doing.

Another benefit of this is that your ex will begin to see you in a different way if you were acting desperate at one time. If your ex begins to realize that you are still the calm and mature person that they first fell in love with, they are certain to find you much more appealing again.

When you decide to stop trying to get in touch with your ex constantly, it will cause them to wonder exactly what you really are up to. They will begin to wonder just why you are not constantly chasing them and that means that you will be in their thoughts and on their mind, and after all that is really where you want to be isnt it?

Another part of using reverse psychology is to go out and have some fun. Spend some time with your friends or your family and just get back in touch with the person you were before you started going out with your ex. At first this may seem somewhat hard but it gets easier and after a while your self confidence will be stronger and you will begin to feel much better about yourself.

Even if it you have to force yourself to go out and have some fun, remember that it is still a better alternative to just sitting at home lonely, miserable and just thinking about your ex. Your friends will more than likely be happy to see you and to help you get through this tough time.
One more added benefit to this is that you just might hook up with someone else that you are really attracted to but if that isnt what you want you dont have to accept any unwanted dates.

Keep in mind though that this can be a great piece of reverse psychology and it will more than likely cause your ex to have some form of jealousy and may just be the quickest way to get them to start to call you again. But that will only happen if you seriously have absolutely no contact with them.

Once you ex realizes that you are going out and having fun, they will be surprised that you are doing so well without them and it will cause them to want to get in touch with you just to see why you no longer have the need to call them or get in touch with them. They will most likely now see you as someone they want to be with and no longer see you as someone they want to avoid.

How to win my ex back starts with taking care of yourself first and when you begin to take care of yourself first, reverse psychology simply begins to happen without you even having to make an effort. In other words, it isnt really all that complicated and when you take care of you first, your ex is almost guaranteed to have a positive response to you.

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