How to Tell If Your Ex Wants You Back or Not

How to Tell If Your Ex Wants You Back or Not

When your ex leaves the relationship, its normal to miss them. You probably still love them and want to know if they still have feelings for you. If you and your ex had a deep relationship that lasted quite awhile, its normal to feel empty inside. So how can you tell if your ex wants to get back together with you? If you are unsure if your ex still has feelings for you, there are several signs your ex will exhibit, either consciously or subconsciously, that will tell you if they still have feelings for you.

If you notice your ex is taking a renewed interest in you and occasionally even flirting with you "as friends", then you can safely assume that your ex is trying to get back with you. This doesnt mean that you should jump the gun. You might be dying to get back together but you dont look desperate or needy. Instead, be less available to your ex.

Being less available means you shouldnt answer the phone every time they call you. You dont want to give your ex too much attention. You can play a little hard to get. However, do this moderately. If you play hard to get constantly, your ex will eventually be hurt, become tired of you and the games and decide the relationship isnt worth coming back to.

Before you get back with your ex, figure out why the break up first occurred. The breakup might have happened due to a single event or a series of events. You want to make sure that the mistakes you made are not repeated the second time around.

Many times the ex is at fault for problems in the relationship. While you cant force them to change, you can tell them what mistakes you feel were made on their end. Its up to them to rectify the mistakes. If it seems your ex isnt showing signs of wanting to change, then they are clearly not interested in getting back with you. If this happens to be the case, move on with your life.

Before you get involved in another relationship, make sure you are ready to handle it. Take what you learned from the previous relationship including the mistakes and remember not to repeat them in your new relationship.

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