How to Subconsciously Make Your Ex Think About You Again! Here Are Some Useful Keys
How to Subconsciously Make Your Ex Think About You Again! Here Are Some Useful Keys

How to Subconsciously Make Your Ex Think About You Again! Here Are Some Useful Keys

You think about your ex all the time, and you want to get them back, because you cannot ever get them off of your mind! Now, think about this for a minute, all you ever think about is your ex?What if there was a way to make your ex think about you, in the same way?

Well, there is, and all you have to do, is use a few subconscious psychological tricks to get your ex to think about you all the time. Read on to find out how you can get your ex back....Subliminal messaging -Subliminal messaging is one easy way to make your ex subconsciously want to think about you all of the time.

The subconscious is NOT controlled by your ex, and in fact it is the part of your mind that you have no control over. But it can be influenced with the right techniques, and once something goes into the subconscious, it will always circulate around, causing one to feel a certain emotion constantly.It is the reason why you can feel in love and really happy for a long time, and it is the same reason why you can also feel depressed all the time.

Those thoughts float around and then are interpreted into your actions and feelings. Likewise, you want your ex to start feeling for you again, and missing you.The first step - The first way to get your ex to think about you all the time, is to appear to have moved on. Once you do this, your ex will instantly be thinking that you have forgotten them.

This subconsciously sends your ex the message and feeling of abandonment and fear of loss. Your ex will fear losing you, and this will begin to circulate around in your exs mind.The second step - If your ex were to believe that you are dating again, he/she would instantly have old feelings revived.

Your ex once had you, and you two were for each other. You were not with other people, but should your ex think that you ARE with other people, he/she will suddenly subconsciously think that they should get you back.You see, a chain reaction starts, once they find out you are dating again, because your ex will feel jealous and envious almost instantly.

This is because they will link you as being their prize possession from before, and coupled with the fear of loss, your ex will not be able to help but think about you all the time now.To make your ex think that you are dating again, all you have to do is simply send your ex a fake text, making it look like it was meant for someone else.

What happens now -These thoughts will turn into action, as your ex will try to expel them. In order to expel the feeling your ex now has, his mind will command him to seek answers and attention once again from you. This is just a natural human nature, to seek approval from someone, when we believe their standards are higher than ours.

We learn this from a very early age, such as childhood, where we want to be accepted by our parents, teachers and friends. Likewise, if we feel as if they are not accepting us, we act out, much like how children get jealous of their siblings when a parent praises one or gives attention to one more than the other.

This works the same way for your ex, where he/she will want to have your approval again, and will become jealous that you are dating again. In the end, your ex will try and get you back, as these messages and feelings circulate and worsen for your ex, so much so that the only way to become satisfied again, would be to get you back.

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