How to Stop Dizziness with a Homeopathic Remedy

How to Stop Dizziness with a Homeopathic Remedy

Dizziness may be related to Minieres disease. This can be one of the reasons a disorder of the inner ear can affect your hearing sensitivity and balance.

These conditions have to be suspected and ruled out before undertaking homeopathic treatment for dizziness. Dizziness or feeling faint usually happens when there is insufficient oxygen in the room.

Dizziness is a spinning, merry-go-round kind of feeling, and may be related to an infection in your inner ear, head injury, or viral infection. It may be due to Menieres disease, a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance. Menieres disease will result in progressive hearing loss if its not treated.

All these conditions have to be suspected and ruled out before undertaking homeopathic treatment for dizziness. Dizziness or feeling faint may also occur when there is not enough oxygen in the room.

If you feel dizzy and youre not sure whether youre spinning, focus on a fixed point, such as a window frame. By focusing on a stable point, it sends a message to the brain that calms down the rajasic quality of vata dosha. This works well for objective dizziness.

A lot of people say that they feel dizzy but what they really feel, is a feeling of unsteadiness while on their feet. Individuals may become anxious to walk or even drive a car. Usually these fears are well-founded and they are at risk to fall. Sometimes their balance mechanisms or coordination is disrupted when they try to walk. A stroke in the brain, multiple sclerosis, or in the elderly, accumulation of multiple separate problems over time may be the cause.

The sense of dysequalibrium can also come from burnt-out chronic vertigo. Another kind of dizziness is motion sickness and it is often related with nausea and vomiting. There may also be times when some people may experience dizziness when they stand up too quickly. There are many possible causes for this, including low adrenal energy, low blood pressure, or the use of some anti­hypertensive drugs, especially beta blockers, which may weaken the adrenals.

If you feel dizzy as you stand up, just simply get up slowly. This should help. Another technique for dizziness that can be used is to sit down and take 10 deep breaths. Afterward, lie down for 10 minutes. This technique promotes good return of oxygenated blood to you brain and therefore it could promote better nutrients to your brain cells and thus, make you feel better.

These are some of the methods to help you cope. There are many other techniques that work as well as well as homeopathic remedies that you can use. Many of them help you gain relief from these awful episodes which can rally make you feel that your whole life has been taken over.

Homeopathic remedies are safe and an effective system that uses natural herbal and mineral products. Many people find relief and are even able to stop these attacks by using homeopathic remedies as they have often been proven to be effective.


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