How To Make the Body Produce Collagen - 3 Simple but Powerful Secrets
How To Make the Body Produce Collagen - 3 Simple but Powerful Secrets

How To Make the Body Produce Collagen - 3 Simple but Powerful Secrets

If youre reading this you have probably learned that the loss of collagen in your skin is directly responsible for the lines, wrinkles and sagging skin you may be experiencing. But in order to reverse this loss you have to know how to make the body produce collagen. Well, if youre worried that this might be difficult, dont! Just continue reading.

The fact is, there are three simple, but powerful secrets that can help make a profound turnaround in the depletion of this vital skin protein. Follow these steps and youll begin to see a true, healthy improvement in the health and appearance of your skin.

You see, the key to understanding how to make the body produce collagen is to first understand that your body has an innate ability for healing itself. This includes your skin.

When you were younger, this healing ability was, pretty much, on automatic pilot. As you get older, this restorative power begins to lose strength and can no longer work without assistance from you. This assistance is precisely where the 3 secrets come into play.

First, you must significantly reduce your exposure to damaging environmental elements, such as UV rays from the sun, and air pollution. This gives your skin cells a break from fighting off the harmful free radicals that these elements create.

Now your cells are free to turn their attention to reestablishing their bio available collagen. But again, your cells will need a boost from you. So your next step is to increase your intake of antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruit, and lots of purified water. The goal here is to increase your bodys antioxidant activity, while at the same time, flushing out any build up of harmful toxins.

At this point your cells are in an excellent position to begin to reactivate their production of bio available collagen. You can enhance and support this process with the third, and last, step.

Give your cells the energizing nutrients they need to function with special ingredients that have been specifically harvested for this purpose. Im not talking about wrinkles creams that contain collagen. Those products are useless.

The cosmetic-grade of collagen contained in these face creams are made of up molecules that are too large to be used by your skin cells.

No, what Im referring to are creams that contain high concentrations of nature-based ingredients that have been extracted and utilized for their powerful nutrient properties.

Bio available substances, like phytessence wakame (Japanese sea kelp), babbasu, shea butter, natural vitamin E, maracuja, and CoenzymeQ10, to name a few, are just as natural as your skin. They have a similar molecular structure that allows them to penetrate into the depth of your cells where they nourish, stimulate and support the production of your own bio available collagen.

In addition to knowing how to make the body produce collagen with the help of these bio-active substances, I have also discovered that my skin has experienced an increase in moisture retention due to the wonderful plant-based emollients and oils that these cutting-edge skincare delivery systems contain.

I believe that treating my skin with nature-based ingredients, instead of the usual synthetic chemical substances found in most skincare products, is a health issue, and not a cosmetic issue. Knowing how to make the body produce collagen naturally is the most effect way for restoring and keeping a healthy, youthful appearance.

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